1. B

    Change from ActiveSheet to ActiveWorkbook

    I am having some trouble changing the lookup range from the ActiveSheet to the ActiveWorkbook. So instead of the Sub process looking on the active sheet, I am trying to have it look at each different sheet in the workbook. The error I am getting is Rumtime error 1004, No Cells were Found I am...
  2. T

    How to access another workbook's ThisWorkbook

    Hello everyone, this is my first post! I am trying to make some code to copy a module from my add-in, to the active workbook's ThisWorkbook module. I can't seem to figure out how to access it though. Here's the code I'm using: <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-style: inherit...
  3. B

    Selecting active workbook - not personal.xls

    Hi, First of all I'm a beginner in VBA, but thank you in advance for any help. I'm trying to create a macro to split all sheets from an active workbook into separate files. After a bit of a Google I've below the below code which works great for me. However, when I moved the code from the...
  4. E

    Using Dir(ActiveWorkbook.FullName) Causes Macro to Stop Working

    Hey all, I've inherited a macro that I'm trying to modify to capture additional info. Currently, the macro extracts data from all spreadsheets in a folder (that meet certain conditions). However, when I add in the commands to grab the filename, it causes the macro to only successfully loop...
  5. E

    Cnage VBA code to select filename

    I have the below VBA code running. However the filename SCORESHEET always changes as my staff’s are required to save the worksheet once they opened it. The macro in this sheet is activated via command button. They will save the filename something like this STAFF NAME-KPI-DDMMYY (e.g...
  6. S

    Refering to a Set ActiveWorkbook name in formulas

    I have a macro that I run once a month. The macro makes the user choose which .xlsx file to use. Therefore the name of the working file varies. I'm using: Set CLOloans = ActiveWorkbook to standardize the workbook name for use in the macro but I'm not sure how to reference 'CLOloans' in a...

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Path error

    Hi Guys, Usually I can find answers by searching the site, but couldn't seem to find an answer to this one.. Any Ideas as to why this VB Code is resulting in the Clicked SaveAs action dumping the file into the "*******s" part of my File path rather than into "1 QUOTES" Which is where I need it...
  8. G

    Save excel file from another excel file

    Hello there, I hope you can help me with this, im pretty much a newb at this. I got 2 open Excel files, and I would like to press a button in 'Excel file 1' and then it saves the 'Excel file 2' with a name from a cell in 'Excel file 1' automatically (when pressing the button). Right now I use...
  9. F

    Can't get global VBA macro to work globally

    I'm trying to use a VBA macro to prefill the save dialogue box with the date, anytime ANY workbook is saved. The code (pasted below) is only working for the workbook containing the VBA code. I've tried inserting the code into my Personal Macro Workbook, and also saving and loading it as an...
  10. I

    This vs Active .workbook Question

    I have been working with a simple macro that I have recreated several times. I normally put it into Thisworkbook or into its own Module for the file I'm working with. Each time I needed to check against a new manufacturer I exported my required information and retyped the macro. For Each r...
  11. T

    ActiveWorkbook Returning NULL Error

    Hi, Hopefully somebody will be able to help me. I'm developing an excel addin using Visual Studio 2008. At the moment i'm trying to display a popup showing the value contained in cell A1. However, i'm getting a runtime error saying that xlWorkBook is null. I've been able to get this to work if...

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