activex control

  1. D

    How to manipulate Spin Control?

    Hello, I have something I would like to do using spin control. So I'd like to have the spin control start counting at RH00000-00. Then when the hit the arrow key to the right, it becomes RH00001-00. Then when I hit it to the right again, it becomes RH00001-01. Is this doable with some VBA...
  2. R

    Form Control Checkboxes (Not ActiveX Controls )

    Hi Everyone, I'm still new to coding and looking to learn more. One thing I can't figure out and I'm 100% sure its so easy. I am doing this through a Form Control because I know that ActiveX controls on an excel sheet causes resizing when the screen resolution changes. So I have a Checkbox...
  3. D

    Active X buttons become disabled in new window

    Hi, I have a couple of Active X buttons which do not work when clicked, if I use the New Window function (I have a split screen of the same workbook but with different sheets). These same buttons still work fine in the original window. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  4. Foo_Man_Chu

    Need to know how to size an ActiveX button to be the same size as the cell underneath it

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I've been in here, I'm hoping everyone will be patient with me. I'm using Excel 2013. I have an ActiveX Button control in my spreadsheet. For the life of me I can't figure out how to make the button the same size as the cell it is on top of, meaning the cell...
  5. S

    Set ActiveX List Box Height

    I believe this has a simple answer but I'm having trouble setting the height of an ActiveX Control List Box. The list box is on an Excel 2013 spreadsheet and I would like to have the list box height be either 0 or 88. This is my code (the list box name is ACEI): With...
  6. D

    Inserting ActiveX object

    I am running Excel 2007 and trying to insert an object (combobox, textbox, commandButton, etc) on a worksheet. When I click on the component I want inserted onto the worksheet, I get an error, "Cannot insert object". I use to be able to do this and I don't know what happened. I can insert an...
  7. G

    Using activeX control scroll bar to move line on spreadsheet

    I am trying to use an activeX scroll bar to move a vertical line across a set of graphs in a worksheet. I have a code that will move the line forward with each click of the scroll bar, but can't get it to move backwards when the scroll bar value decreases. Private Sub ScrollBar1_Change() Dim...
  8. B

    ActiveX Control Checkbox Uncheck if

    Hello is any way to uncheck the ActiveX Control checkbox if another check box is checked ? Like if "malе" checked uncheck the "Female" check box ?
  9. G

    Excel 2007: List Box (ActiveX Control) with multiple columns?

    I am working on an electronic version of an existing paper form. The user must be able to make multiple selections from 18 choices. Each choice has a corresponding check box. I have a List Box (ActiveX Control) with the following properties set: ListStyle: 1 - fmListStyleOption MultiSelect: 1...
  10. Z

    Form/ActiveX control to cycle through 6 different statuses

    I'm playing a volleyball tournament recently and was thinking of setting up the lineup for our starters. Since there are rotations in volleyball games, I was wondering if there's an easier way to press a "toggle button" (except I have 6 different statuses instead of 2) and a clock-wise rotation...
  11. D

    Toggle large group of ActiveX OptionButtons at once

    I created a form in Word 2010 using many ActiveX OptionButton controls across numerous GroupNames. After configuring all of the buttons I went through and tested them to make they were all grouped properly; now a third are set to "true", but I want them to all be set to "false" before I...
  12. S

    Reference Grouped ActiveX Controls Using a Variable

    I have 32 checkboxes in a few different groups, each box is named EasyReviewXXXXXCheckbox where the Xs is a different 5 letter code for each box. I'm trying to find a way to reference them using a variable without ungrouping them. The code below seems to skip over any objects that are grouped, I...
  13. T

    Compile Error on checkbox in command button

    Hi all- I need some help on a (hopefully) simple problem. I have a sheet that contains an activex command button and several checkboxes. when I click the command button I get a "Compile error: Method or data member not found" at this point: HedgeSheet.CheckBox3.Visible = True and...
  14. G

    Form Button Increases in Size while Projecting

    I have a command button on an excel tab with a macro embedded in it. It works fine but for training I need to project it on a screen and once I do that the size of my button increases every-time I push it. Is there a way to lock the original size in? It become huge where I cant see other things...
  15. J

    VBA Copy Range with Variables...

    Hey all, Been pounding my head over this one (Win7/MSO2010). Basically, I'm trying to select a range of cells from one sheet and copy to another sheet using VBA. The sticky part is that I'm copying a range of cells using a For/Next loop and identifying the cells on the destination sheet using...
  16. H

    OLEObject Listbox Problem

    I am having trouble adding values to the ActiveX listbox added to the sheet with the following code. I also don't know how to change the number of columns and the font characteristics of each column dynamically. Thanks for any help. Sub loadBasisV() Dim i As Integer Dim j As Integer Dim...
  17. B

    Enable ActiveX control in protected worksheet

    I am stuck! I have a worksheet that is protected. However, I have an ActiveX control button that I want users to be able to use. I have tried building in the unprotect functionality into the ActiveX control as follows: Sub PrefSelection() ' ' PrefSelection Macro ' ' Sheet13.Unprotect...
  18. G

    Excel 2007 ActiveX CommandButton changes size and font

    I have several workbooks with ActiveX command buttons which call userforms. Recently the command buttons have started shrinking or growing with every activation. As well, the font is smashed into a small point in the middle of the button. I have changed properties, text size, font, deleted...
  19. H

    Difference between Forms_Button & ControlToolbox_Button

    Hi, What would be the procedure to change the caption of the command button created through Forms and Control Toolbox? Example: I created a Command Button on Sheet named data through the Forms Toolbar. I can use the following code to change the caption of the command button...
  20. N

    How to unhide a row containing Activex controls in Excel 2010

    I have some Activex controls on rows. The controls are formatted to "Move and resize with the cells" so that when the rows are hidden the controls hide too. This is for an interactive form where only relevant sections are visible. All works OK in 2003 but not in 2010. When the workbook is...

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