activex control

  1. M

    Excel 2010 ActiveX Control Disabled in Shared Workbook

    I just upgraded to Excel 2010 and noticed the following immediately. When I place an ActiveX control (e.g. a command button) on the worksheet, and then share the workbook, the button does not work any longer (as if it never gets pressed). The control works fine in the un-shared workbook. I...
  2. MartinK

    Load a pic into ActiveX Image control

    Hello, I have inserted an Image ActiveX control on my sheet. I can load jpgs in it by choosing Properties - Picture. I cannot find a way how to load the picture based on a value in a different cell, e.g. A1 = Test1, load Test1.jpg, etc. The Intellisense and AuroList members is betraying me, as...

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