1. B

    ActiveX Control button to hide and unhide coloums

    Hey, I am a novice when it comes to using ActiveX Control and VBA to build macros but I am having incredible difficulty getting something simple to work. I want to build a macro which hides and unhides 3 columns in my excel sheet however when I run the macro it unhides unwanted columns and...
  2. H

    ComBobox (ActiveX control)

    Hello everyone, I made a ComBobox (ActiveX control) with 6 items "FR5CP" "CR5CP "NR5CP" "CR5TP" "FR5CU" "CR5CB" I want a solution for this: when I write F it will filter the other ones and stay only FR5CP and FR5CU.I mean to look for the item while writing. nother Thing:when...
  3. K

    Excel VBA ActiveX Control Error

    Hi, I have 5 or 6 sheets in a workbook, and each sheet have around 5 to 10 ActiveX controls, and in Workbook_Open event I am filling values in these ActiveX controls, but when the Workbook_Open event fires and go to the procedure where I am filling those ActiveX controls, there is an error...
  4. bs0d

    ActiveX Listbox - Items disappear after click while code is running (then reappear when complete)

    I have an ActiveX listbox on my sheet. I have a number of sub routines that run once the user clicks an item in the list. My issue is that once a user clicks an item in the list, the listbox appears empty briefly while the code is running, and the items show back up when the code is done. This...
  5. I

    Edit ActiveX textbox from VBA Userform

    The formatting for my original post messed up. I have corrected it below. I have a userform that adds, edits, and delete deletes entries from a sheet named ‘Data’ (Sheet 2). The first row of this dataset feeds into the 2 ActiveX textboxes that I have on Sheet(1). Upon adding an entry, I would...
  6. R

    Microsoft Excel365 ActiveX controls not working

    Hi All, I'm trying to replace some ugly grey buttons in a document with ActiveX buttons. If I add a button, put some code behind it, exit Design mode and click on the button, rather than executing code a smaller copy of the button appears above and to the left of the button. If I then save the...
  7. L

    Identify textbox in Activex Frame (in another Frame)

    Hello guys, hope somebody can help me :-) I am working now with ActiveX controls and stucked little bit.. on sheet1 I have ActiveX Frame, inside this Frame I have another two frames and inside those frames, I will have textboxes...Do you pls know, how can I identify those textboxes and extract...
  8. V

    Checkboxes - Trying arrangin them and/or formatting

    Hello! How are you all? Well, I have a problem, so let me first try to explain myself. I have a Table with a long list of items in Column A and I am trying set two Checkboxes in Column B and C. I found there is two ways to do this: with Form Controls and ActiveX. But they both have differents...
  9. W

    Create hyperlink to an activex combobox listindex

    Is it possible to create a hyperlink to an activex combobox's listindex? So that the hyperlink would change the combobox selected item to combobox.listindex = 1 or listindex = 10?
  10. J

    Populate ActiveX Listbox from criteria

    Hi all. I'm trying to fill the list box (ActiveX) with names that have an active flag and skip names who don't have an active flag. <tbody> Tom Active Kenny Active Carrie Not Active Jane Active Ed Not Active </tbody> I created an named range that refers to both columns and entered it...
  11. V

    Timer with pause function.

    Thank you in advance for any help. I have been trying to create a play sheet for a game using active X controls. I'm stuck at the moment with my timer. I have 3 command buttons and a text box. The text box displays the timer, the buttons are as follows Start Game, Pause Game & Reset Timer. My...
  12. C

    ActiveX CheckBox problem

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with ActiveX Checkboxes but I don't know what the problem is or how to fix it. So I have a sheet like this: [/URL][/IMG] And I have a code running to make everyone in column B have their own sheet. However, I only want that to happen if the checkbox in...
  13. S

    ActiveX text box changes font size depending on selection status

    I have an ActiveX text box that displays text from external text files. This works correctly, but the font size of the text changes depending on whether I am selecting inside the text box (including the vertical scroll bar) or not. When the text box/scroll bar is not selected, the text is...
  14. rjplante

    Enter Key behavior

    I have an ActiveX ComboBox and it uses a list to fill the drop down. When the user selects a company from the list, they click on the icon next to the ActiveX field to initiate the search macro. I would like to include code on the ActiveX ComboX so that when it loads, or is displayed, the...
  15. W

    Increment ActiveX ComboBox from firstvalue to lastvalue

    I have two activex comboboxes, combobox1 and combobox2, that I want to increment with VBA from firstvalue to lastvalue. How can I change the value of the combobox so that I can see when it changes value from firstvalue to secondvalue to thirdvalue etc.. ?? So far I have found that they are...
  16. C

    ActiveX Command Button Problem

    This is my first attempt at using vba or activex controls so please bear with me. I created a command button in my document to use a macro (that I recorded) to copy these 2 boxes (merged) and duplicate them. It works well, but the new boxes appear above the old ones (where I drew the red line...
  17. X

    How to work with an adjacent cell with an ActiveX button

    Hello guys, first time posting here (an first time posting in a forum ever). I'm desperate. I am programming an Excel File to act as a game interface (a very simple one, for a gamification project in my company). The thing is that I want to create an ActiveX button (why an ActiveX and not a...
  18. S

    MS Excel 2013: unable to click on ActiveX object

    I am using MS Excel 2013 in a new PC. In my original PC, with MS ExceI 2013, I can hover my mouse cursor on an activeX object and then click on it to run VBA code successfully . However, in this new PC, also with the same version as MS Excel 2013, whenever I hover my mouse pointer on any...
  19. H

    Extract Multiple Selection Form Control Data

    Hi - I’ve got a worksheet with multiple ListBox form controls (not ActiveX) that I need to extract the selections/inputs from. There are 6 different listboxes all with multiple selection and about 40x of each. They are aligned by row, e.g customer 1 in in row 1 has listbox 1 in column A...
  20. D

    Copy Paste worksheet creates error on buttons

    Hi, I have a recorded macro that copies existing worksheet and pastes it to the right. The existing sheet has 4 ActiveX buttons (Each have their own related macro in the background). The code is; Sheets("Sheet1").Select ActiveSheet.Buttons.Add(2118, 114.75, 131.25, 22.5).Select...

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