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    Averageif MOD formula help needed

    Hi All, Imagine Range(A1-H8) is a pivot. I would like help with the formula down (column J) next to Pivot to see what the average sales of each customer is. The problems I'm facing are::confused: Include weeks which have zero data as long as they've had previous sales Cust 3. the average...
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    Populating a cell based on data from 2 different cells

    Let me start by saying I am an Excel novice. I am trying to populate one cell of a spreadsheet comparing data from two separate cells. Let me explain... I have a table of data that looks like this: <tbody> Phase Date Output ENG 10/1/2014 A ENG 10/2/2014 B PRO 10/1/2014 C PRO 10/2/2014...
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    Pivot Database with 3 Dimensions

    I have been trying to setup a database for activity at a workplace. The database is suppose to have columns for activity (ID-number), people involved in it and equipment used. The problem is that the number of people involved in an activity can vary along with the equipment used. Basically this...

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