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    Copy formula

    I have a simple formula starting in column AD6-AQ6 in AD6 i have =aa06 AE6 =aa07 AF6 =aa08 ect it stops in cell AQ6 then drops down to AD7 over to AQ7 then down to AD8-AQ8 when i copy cell AD6 and choose the rest of the cells (ae6-aq320) the formula changes from AA to AB how can i keep it all...
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    Help with Concatenate to exclude cells with no data

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that is concatenating multiple ranges of data to formula a note that can be copied and pasted elsewhere. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to exclude blank cells and instead I'm getting 0's in my final note, like this: <tbody> #D9D9D9[/URL] , colspan: 2"]...
  3. M

    VBA CopyNoneBlank data from Multiple Cells from One Sheet to another.

    I have a work book which has two sheets (Input & CSM) from the Input Sheet i would like to scan column (H) starting in cell H6, when the cell is not "Blank" or "VM" i would like to copy the data in cells (H), (J), (R), (V), (AD), (AH), & (AL). EX: If H6 was not blank, Copy (H6, J6, R6, V6...

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