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  1. P

    VBA adding column then adding Left formula

    HI am new to VBA and trying to create a Marco to add columns to E and L, which i have a as Range("E1").EntireColumn.Insert Range("L1").EntireColumn.Insert but then i want to add a formula to E and L of =Left(D5,5) and =left(k5,5) going down to the last row. but if in row 6 it will be D6 and...
  2. T

    Macro to add new column to a table, rename header, add formula to first blank cell, then refresh

    Hi all, Obligatory "new to VBA"... I'm trying to create a macro for my boss that would allow him to 1) Add a column to the far right of a table in any workbook 2) Name that column "Day of the week" 3) Find a column in the table with the header "Adj Order Date" and apply a formula in the...
  3. D

    Copying a Formula into a cell

    I have this Formula but when i try to add it into a cell it says Application-defined or object-defined error This is the formula ProgForm = "=IFERROR(INDEX('" & PathFile & Filename ProgForm = ProgForm & "'!Division_6[Programmer],AGGREGATE(15,6,(ROW(" & PathFile & Filename ProgForm = ProgForm &...
  4. cgeorge4

    MACROProblem-Add Summing Row & Formatting to All New Sheets

    Hello again, I was helped with a macro that splits a 'Master' sheet into other named sheets based on categories in column "A" of the 'Master', and copies the column titles and format to the new sheets and each sheet's related data....That part works perfectly. ISSUE: My problem is that the...
  5. K

    Adding to existing formula

    I am trying to get user input from an input box and add that value to an existing formula. So far, I have been able to get the user input to work but am not sure how to add it to the formula. Dim strnewassembly As String strnewassembly = InputBox("Please enter the Assembly Number you would...

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