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    Challenging Excel Question

    Hello everybody, I posted this question a few days ago and haven't gotten any replies. Not sure if this functionality is just too hard to do in Excel or if I wasn't very clear in what I'm trying to get the spreadsheet to do. Any help would be appreciated! I am working on a project in Excel...
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    VBA to add and fill rows

    Hello, I am working on a project in Excel that I need some help with. I need to add rows to a spreadsheet so that each unique combination of 3 different criteria are on an individual row. There are other columns of the spreadsheet that also need to be included in the rows that get added. It is...
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    $$Excel-Macros$$ Macro to insert additional row in previous record with new information

    Column A contains 4 digit code Every 4 digit code has few 8 digit codes Column B contains 8 digit Code. For every 8-digit code there is information related to that code in columns C-N For some codes information is stored on 2 rows and for some codes it is stored on more than 2 rows. Is...
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    Automatically add a value to a table using a macro

    Hi I really need some help either writing a macro or finding another way to have my database automatically fill data in a row when new values are added. I am working with excel 2007, I have a database where I add information pulled offline. I copy/paste the values into a new row under the...
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    Macro to add as many rows as difference between start date and end date

    Wondering if this has ever been 'invented'.... I have a list of tasks, that contains a taskID, start date, end date, person to perform the task and number of hours that it should take to perform the task: TASK WHO STARTDATE ENDDATE HOURS 0001 John 10/10/2008 10/15/2008 32...

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