1. V

    Better way to change the value in a column rather than loop

    Hi all, Can i change the value of columns (>10000 cells) rather than loops which slow my macro. I need to add "#" to each cell in first column, and in second one i need to add "000" or "00" to increase the number of letter to 5 eg: 567 =>#567 (first column) 20 =>00020(second column)...
  2. Sharid

    Sort data in rows and columns that is a mess

    I have a list of data, it come in a mess and it takes forever to sort out with filters. The data comes like this <tbody> A B C 10 %John ADD:1 My Address 10 #Jane 1 My Address 15 %bob% ADD: 1 My Address 5 #peter? ADD: 1 My Address 10 ADD: 11 My Address #Joe 10 #Jane ADDS: 11 My...
  3. D

    Sum Index Match Using 2 Rows

    Hello - I'm an Excel novice, and need help constructing an index match formula using 2 rows. I have 2 subtotal rows that I want to add if the date matches whatever month I set it too. Right now I have this formula to return the current months total. I want the formula to look at 2 rows & add...
  4. MFish

    textbox to show how many checkboxes the user checked off

    Hi, I have a code that works for one checkbox to update the textbox(txtTotalBulk)... But I'm clueless on how to add up the rest of the checkboxes... Code goes Private Sub bulk1_Click() Dim i As Integer i = 1 If bulk1.Value = True Then txtTotalBulk.Value = i Else: End If If...
  5. K


    I am rusty as all get out so forgive me for the question. I have a range of cells a1 - z50. I want to add them all in a range. but I also want to deduct a column within that range C1 to C50.
  6. Z

    UserForm Add New or Edit Existing Data

    I have searched a lot, but cannot find the exact solution to my problem. I have a simple userform used to enter in 3 pieces of information (Date, Booking#, and Count). Date, Booking#, Count are in Columns A, B, C respectively. The form works perfectly to add this information to the next row in...
  7. T

    Macro to Add or Subtract- with clicking on a Cell

    Hi, Im trying to have a macro to add or subtract, depending on which cell i click on. I have a + in Cell A1 and a - in Cell B1. I would like this macro to plus or minus 1 each time either of A1 or B1 is clicked in Cell D1 Cheers
  8. E

    VBA Request

    hi would you please give me a VBA for the following function i want it to watch the column B and when i enter a value in B it multiply it by 20 and add the value to C same raw also monitor D and the same update value to E then F and add to G Thank you
  9. V

    Macro to add Series on Graph

    I am trying to automatically add series using VBA. I have a list of values that I want to graph and I want to see if I can automatically do it based on different values. My graph would be column K as the x-axis; column J as the y-axis and column B as my series names and pulling data from them...
  10. S

    Heat Map Add In for use in the UK

    Hi All I have just discovered this add in app - very excited, but confused. In need to create a heat map of data relating to wards/postcodes within a UK local authority; I understand the concept, but has anyone else managed to do this successfully using this app in Excel? If so maybe we...
  11. E

    How to add extra letters .ss to each cell

    i would like to certain cells and add a .ss after every word in a cell how would i go about doing this? For example cell A1 has sa i want it to have and cell A2 has dd i want it to have and cell B1 has ff i want it to have etc.. how would i do this?
  12. D

    sum answer is not right ?

    hi trying to set up a job sheet template to keep track of hours and materials on the job can get the material side of things sorted ok item cost quantity and total all add up fine . but when i try sum to add up the hours worked on the job it comes up with the wrong answer ? is there a way to...
  13. B

    Add multiple columns to table

    Hello, I've searched the forum and thoroughly as I can and haven't found a solution to my issue. Apologies if I missed something. I'm building a project resourcing sheet for my company. I would like to be able for users to enter in the number of weeks in the project into a cell and have t add a...
  14. S

    add the same number until it exceeds another and return that number vba

    Hello everyone I'm new in vba and try to figure out some stuff. I have a two columns in excel and i want to compare each number , for example A1 with B1. A2 with B2 etc.. If A1 is smaller than B1 return in cell C1 the B1. If not add the number in B1 as many times until it is bigger than A1...
  15. J

    VBA: Calendar with event dates labelled with color and hours listed per day

    Hello there, I'm hoping to get some advice and guidance. I'm trying to create a calendar color coded by the event type and the number of hours spent per day. To start, I used an Excel calendar template (it's the most applicable to my situation as it allows users to flip through years and...
  16. D


    hi all. In my Excel at home I have the ability to add trendlines by either right clicking or Add chart elements. I've already tried to add the Tool Pak. Before Trendlines was grayed out in the Add Chart Elements, but didn't show up in the right click. Now it shows up in both, but is still grayed...
  17. S

    Formatting all worksheets in Workbook - Compile Error

    I am trying to add some formatting to all worksheets in a workbook but I keep getting compile error: "Expected End With". I cannot seem to find what I am doing wrong. 'Set up "Comments" header and conditional formatting for each manager pivot table using a loop For Each ws In...
  18. H

    VBA Code - add sheet with previous sheet name and suffix

    Hi AllI'm filtering on column I and creating a new sheet to move the contents too. I need to rename the sheet as the previous sheet name with the criteria suffix. Could somebody help me please with the last part of my code? Thanks Range("I1").Select Selection.AutoFilter...
  19. S

    Add extra criteria into IF/MAXIF

    Hopefully this is an easy one, but my brain is now so fizzled I cannot work out where in the formula I need to add what I need! My current formula is =IF(OR('DEV WIP'!C3="",SUM('DEV WIP'!$M3:$AB3)=0),"", IFS( MAXIFS('DEV WIP'!$N3:$AB3,'DEV WIP'!$N3:$AB3,"<"&AH$2+7,'DEV...

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