1. sharky12345

    Efficient method to add hyperlink

    Afternoon guys, I'm trying to find an efficient method to add a hyperlink to a range of cells but what I have so far keeps generating an 'Out of memory' message. The code itself runs fine, but once it's complete I get the message. This is what I have so far: LastImportRow =...
  2. O

    Automatic Rolling Months

    Hello Guys, I am actually having an issue where i am using dependant drop down with excel and i want to add to my existing formula data for 24 and 36 months planning, can someone help me please as my actual formula is as per below: =INDEX(ListeMois,MOD($AB$29+COLUMNS($E$54:E54),12)+1) in fact...
  3. I

    Probably easy but im unsure how to word

    Hello, like i said probably an easy thing to do but im not able to search properly for what I want to do, basically I would like to take a current total, and add to it when another cell total changes, except i already am seeing errors in what i want to do. So i think i want a macro so after all...
  4. D

    Quick question : macro email text

    Hi, I have a macro I use to distribute an email attachment and screen shot to a defined emails user list (noted on cell U9 and U10) - this works Ok but is there a way I can add a fixed text field at the start of the email so the user know what this is about? "Please find attached some...
  5. T

    Transpose rows based on specific text

    Hi all I'm trying to speed up the transpose process. When I copy an order form from online it pastes it all into Col A but I need to make it easier to read as I already have the next stages in place. The problem is the site changes from time to time and I have to redo the sheet. The common...
  6. C

    Run-Time error '13' Type Mismatch - only when using specific code

    So I have a UserForm that I’m working on and have beentrying to hide/show a certain Label and Textbox based on the value of a ComboBox. The code I am usingto do this is – 'hide HolidayRentTB & HolidayRentLa If (PropertyTypeCB.Value) = "Single Unit" Or "Ex-Pat" Or "Holiday Let / AST"...
  7. gheyman

    Adding Username to Append Query

    Is it possible to add the User Name to each record that's being added to a table? I am using an Append Query to add the new record(s). I thought I could create a field in my query to do that, by what I am trying doesn't work CreatedBy: Environ("Username")
  8. G

    Missing Time Stamps add blank row

    I am trying to figure out how to build a macro to spot missing sequence and add in a new row when found. There should be 1440 data points in column A The date and time formatting goes as followed 10/10/2019 7:41 10/10/2019 7:42 10/10/2019 7:43 10/10/2019 7:44 10/10/2019 7:45 10/10/2019 7:46...
  9. gheyman

    Add AutoNumber firld to a Table using VBA

    I a MakeTable Query. I want to add an AutoNumber field to that table after the query is run. Is there a way to do that using VBA? tbl_vluVendor_MakeTable FOUND THE ANSWER: CurrentDb.Execute "ALTER TABLE tbl_vluVendor_MakeTable ADD COLUMN ColumnName COUNTER" Thanks!
  10. danhendo888

    Sum column using NOT equal to criteria!AvjBsEPEq12ngUm0YmMHEk1HGIPY?e=npLKjO My data has account numbers and their corresponding $ value Trying to add the $ value for those accounts which are not in the list in Column E I.e. add column B except the items highlighted in grey How best would you go about it? (My...
  11. G


    Hi all, I have a large spreadsheet pulling results from multiple tabs into one pivot table to track the status of various things. Within this, there are several different rules for several different manufacturers. I have a current formula in cell N2 which is...
  12. A

    VBA - Add In with Modules/Subroutines

    Hello, I am working with different tools based on workbooks at work. Now I don't want to write/update the code, which is over some workbooks the same, again and again in every tool. The solution should be to write this tool, which is exactly the same in every tool, in an add in, and connect...
  13. Heber

    time calculation on working hours less weekend

    Hi I am Struggling to solve this! I need to calculate time between two dates, but need to be only between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding weekends. I got some results, but when the start time is over 5:00 pm still add the time... example below: Start End Transmission time (h:mm) 28/09/2019...
  14. I

    Apply 001 after customers name

    Hi, I have a worksheet called POSTAGE. There are customers names in column B Current range at present is B10:B979 I would like some help with a basic code where any customer that doesnt have a number after there name then the code would add 001 So TOM JONES would then become TOM JONES 001...
  15. L

    adding time issue

    Hi I am trying to add time but it does not work. Please see the excel file in the link. in cell P = SUM(C15:O15) But it is giving me 0 I tried to format to [h]:mm but did not help. Not sure what else I could have done. I also multiple the SUM(C15:O15) * 24 but still 0:00:00 shown?! I am...
  16. S

    Add value to cell based on day of the week

    Hello, I have searched for an answer but I am probably asking the wrong question. What I am looking to do is a create a cell that will start with a value of zero and every Thursday it adds a 2 to the number already there. I'm sure it's possible but I can't seem to find anything. I thank you in...
  17. T

    Dynamic formula via VBA?

    Hello, I hope someone can help; I'm sure this is fairly straightforward but I'm not that far along the VBA learning curve so please forgive me if this seems like a stupid question. I have an Excel pivot table. I need to use VBA to add certain calculations to the far right of it (the...
  18. I

    Don't understand this range reference

    From this post: The OP's question was this: Why does the lookup range start with "1/"? What does it do? All I can think is that it really is meant to be a reciprocal, because the OP wants the previous non-blank cell - ? I experimented with removing "1/" and got an #N/A error. Also, if...
  19. A

    Need a little more help

    I have this formula <d2,"in darkness",="" if(h8="D2,"Under" light",="" if(and(h8=""><f2),"under light",="" if(h8=""><d2,"in darkness",if(h8="D2,"Under" light",if(and(h8=""><f2),"under light",if(h8=""> <d2,"in darkness",if(h8="D2,"Under" light",if(and(h8=""><f2),"under light",if(h8=""><d2,"in...
  20. D

    Merging Multiple Text Files into One Excel Sheet

    Hi guys, I'm trying to merge about 3k text files into a single excel sheet. Now this is easy enough to do with power query or even some VBA I've seen, but I also need to add a column with the file name as each file represents a different day's information. I can't seem to find a way to add...

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