1. G

    Help with Shape scroll or ******* show last empty row

    Hi everyone, I have a shape on a worksheet that when clicked opens a userform to add data, what i would like to do is add to my exsisting code so that when the shape is clicked it not only opens the userform it also scroll the worksheet to the next empty row. Below is my code to call the...
  2. N

    How to Add Date Picker To VBA UserForm

    Hello, I have a userform and looking for a way to add a popup calendar to insert a date in a textbox, I searched google and found the way below, I followed it step by step, but it didn't work, Do you have any way to activate it? I have...
  3. Z

    Add to Data model creates #REF error on my calculations

    Hi guys, I forgot in the process to add data from power query to the data model, now when I have a lot of formulas referring to this table, I cannot change it as it throws error on all those formulas. Is there way to pause the evaluation? I remember I saw it somewhere but I don't know where...
  4. kelly mort

    Validate userform textbox entry -multiple criteria -vba

    I have this textbox that I want it to hold this kind of text format: "12345678" or "ABC/1234/12" Now these are the conditions I want to validate: 1. If I start with a number, then accept only numbers and stop registering any key stroke when the length of the textbox reaches 8 characters 2...
  5. M

    Help with formula

    Hi, i have a range of sales starting in column Q2 and I need to add a formula that will add a value based on the range of the sale. Say Q3 has a sale value of 43.00 I would want this to return Group A because its within the 0-50 range of sales for first column. The complete list would be...
  6. J

    how to point to last cell in range?

    Title sums it up pretty much. I'm not seeing how to upload a sample file here but maybe this is simple enough. Suppose I have a column of data, numbers, that I add rows to daily in a table and I want a cell above the table to display the last value in the column. We'll say this is all in...
  7. K

    Embedded If Statements

    I have the following formula that works: =IFERROR(IF(AND(D5="Y",E5="Y"),C5*$G$2,0),"") I need to add an additional piece that says to look at a cell in B5 and if it says INACTIVE then multiple C5 with G1, otherwise I want it to do the original formula posted above. I have not successfully...
  8. M

    Add Filename to the txt file

    I have a small script that logs when a user opens an excel file. Currently the username and date/time are populated in the txt file. I would like to add filename to the txt file, but not sure how. Thanks Private Sub Workbook_Open() On Error GoTo errhandler: Open "D:\Reports-Service\Old...
  9. S

    Adding Criteria with DSum

    Good Morning, I have an extensive data set. Within the data set, one column has date and one column has time (both formatted as such). On another page/tab, I have a series of dsum formulas that add various columns from the data set. One of those formulas is below. I used to use the formula to...
  10. S

    How to use Dsum with two criteria

    Good Morning, I have a current formula that I'm trying to modify. The below formula looks up and is supposed to add all numbers in a data set that meet between the dates specified in the two cells. However, I'd like to tweak this. Currently, in the data set, the Date is one column and the Time...
  11. J

    Add Currency format

    Hi, I have a code for listbox with textboxes. how can I format the box to $ currency by adding this line of code to each box that has dollar amount, I would like to add this line of code: " & Format(Range("E").Value, "$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00)") to this code: (Bold and red colour) Private Sub...
  12. M

    SUMPRODUCT Blank Cells with LEFT & RIGHT

    Hello, I'm looking to use this formula =SUMPRODUCT(LEFT(G3:G100,2)+(RIGHT(G3:G100,8))) with cells that have numbers in but some in the middle are blank. If I try and return it at the moment, I get a value error due to blank cells. How do I get it to skip blanks? I don't want to shorten the...
  13. N

    save as copy the active work book based on active sheet name add some other contains

    Hi am not able the add some contains if i save as the active workbook . I want to save as the excel file based on tab name with add additional contains in mid if my active tab name is ML51HJ0 MTD Aug(tab name not fixed it will change) my query is save as the file name ML51HJ0_AcntAnalysis...
  14. J

    add dynamic dates to my countif formula

    I am trying to modify my countif statement. I like to enter a start(a1) and end date(b2) to have my formula filter and count only the date range. is this possible? any help would be appreciated. =COUNTIFS(E2:E100,"Apples",G2:G100, "Accepted")
  15. I

    adding comma to string value in Range

    i have 6000 rows in my range, i want to add a comma to the 7 character location from end. i have this formula that i tested in a single cell and it works BUT when I try to apply it to the entire range using a With Range, the syntax is off (get mismatch error) can anyone assist with proper...
  16. nikio8

    Alternative to solver, numbers (no more than 5) add up to goal, several hundred rows

    Hi team, I have a bit strange problem. Quite often one payment needs to be split to several invoices. Most days there are no issues, however some days this split data total does not add up to original number. If there is a difference I would like to use some formula to try to find combination...
  17. Z

    Add coding to check day of the week

    Hello all, I have a coding that adds appointments to the outlook calendar. The situation is that i have a date in a cell. The coding would then make an appointment 90 days from the date entered. The issue is, what do i add to the coding so in case the 90 days falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it...
  18. T

    Returning multiple values based on multiple parameters

    Please help! I am struggling so bad! I am trying to run 4 potential values. C11 can contain "Mini" or "Regular" Mini = 5.50 Regular = 6.50 BUT If H11 contains "Lays","BBQ","Doritos", then add .50 to total. So if they select one of those options, the total then becomes 6.00 for a Mini &...
  19. T

    Complicated formula or macro need to add new sale into correct invoice?

    Hi Everyone, hope you can help I need a formula or macro to add new sales to existing sales invoices. we have clients that p[lace orders and pay over 16 instalmentsand offten add new items to the first order When we get and order an invioce schedule is created with dates and amounts due...
  20. F

    Adding a column with workbook name in multiple workbooks

    Hi I have over 500 workbooks, I want to add the workbook name in column AD for every row with text in it for all 500 spreadsheets. I plan to merge them into one master spreadsheet but I need to know which spreadsheet the data came from. Can someone please help me with the first part to add the...

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