1. S

    VBA to search for values and delete rows

    This macro works great for me for one name but I would like to modify it to allow for additional names to be added. Sub Cdelete() With ActiveSheet .AutoFilterMode = False With Range("d13", Range("d" & Rows.Count).End(x1Up)) .AutoFilter 1, "*NAME*" On...
  2. D

    Lock Columns A, B & C, but Still Allow Rows to be Added or Deleted

    Greeting - is it possible to just lock columns A, B & C from being edited, but still allow rows to be added or deleted? I using Excel 2016. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. I

    Edit for existing working code

    Morning. The code below works but looking for an edit please. I type AB02 in the search box & the listbox returns the results from column E I wish to now type AB02 but in the listbox be able to see not only like before the results from column E BUT also column F,G,H So it would look like this...
  4. L

    Resetting table based on day

    First off, I'm really not experienced at all, just downloaded a free template from a website and just edited it and added a few simple formulas to suit my needs. So, I've got a timesheet that supposedly tracks the start time, end time, project name and all those things, mind you, not a weekly...
  5. I

    Copied code from original but doesnt work like the original

    Hi, I have a code which works fine in respect of looking up a customers name, showing me the options in the display box & once i click the name i am taken to that person who is then in column B This is the code. Private Sub TextBox1_Change() Dim r As Range, f As Range, Cell As String...
  6. Rblack40

    XLOOKUP in Excel 2019

    When will XLOOKUP and the other new functions be added into Excel Office 365 or Excel 2019? Will I have to know it for the test?
  7. A

    Simple formula but my brains not working please help

    Hi, as a sideline I make candles and I'm trying to do a spread sheet to work out the cost of each candle. I'm struggling to find the formula to price the scent thst I add as a variable amount. Say for instance I paid £5 for 50g of scent and added it to 700g of wax, what would the price be per...
  8. I

    If cell has no value than change interior colour

    Hi, The worksheet cells are currently yellow as standard. The range in question is G9 & continues down the page Any cell that has no value for its interior colour to then be shown as Red until a value is added then it will be yellow again. The code i thought that would do it "shown in red...
  9. C

    Power Query - Query Parameter for Dynamic Folder Location

    Excelisfun has a video on this topic. I performed the steps and had my query set up. Then I added next month's sales file to the import folder and hit data refresh. The query only pulled in 1 of the files (oddly enough, the most recently added)...
  10. M

    Conditional Formatting (I think

    Hi All I need a really simple way to highlight a cell based on the contents of another - but am getting confused. In short - I need cell B9 to highlight red when: B9 is empty and N9 has data. Also, I would like cell B9 to highlight orange when: B9 has data and N9 is empty Both B9 and N9...
  11. L

    Count if

    This is what i have for example if in the Activity Columns it says AI Notices and the out date column have a date it should count it and when a date is added to the return date column the count come off because then it will be counted under return =COUNTIF(List[Activity],Category1,List[Out Date])
  12. G

    Sumifs multiple but same criteria, better solution?

    Hi all, Below is an example of a simple sumifs formula. =SUMIFS(A3:A15,C3:C15,0,D3:D15,0,E3:E15,0,F3:F15,0) Is there an alternative to this, bearing in mind more columns could be added but will the same criteria i.e (0)? I am sure the must be an alternative, maybe sumproduct and using a one...
  13. Z

    Macro to add a formula in a cell

    Hello All, Here is my situation, I have a macro that when a certain item is column "D". It formats several other columns in the same row that the information is being added. My situation is that part of the formatting is erasing information. The problem is that in column "AE" there is a...
  14. C

    Registration form - Ideas

    Hi.. I am looking for suggestion / guidance on the best approach. I have a user form that users can register for classes. They select they name and class they want. They can also go in and delete entry later if they decide not to take class. This works great. I want to make some enhancements...
  15. C

    Dynamic row count

    Hi all, I am setting up a spreadsheet that pulls all of my credit card transactions. Once they are pulled, I manually categorize them. I have an issue with a formula that is supposed to count the number of uncategorized transactions (so I know to update them). Here is what I wrote...
  16. G

    Sum with Index and Match or Vlookup?

    Hi guys, If you guys could help me it would be great. so basically I have a spreadsheet of Daily SLA that needs # of Cases and Cases Processed added. I couldnt figure out and I have searched google and youtube. Column A just has the name of the Task (i.e. Logging voicemail SLA#1) because...
  17. M

    Please require a formula modification or a VBA alternatively

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Previously I had data as shown in the row 6 and formula in cell AV1 and fill to right and down (this formula extract only unique value in ascending order left to right)</SPAN></SPAN> But recent data has been changed as shown in the row 9 where red font data has been...
  18. T

    Macro to tell people if a number is not negative

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that will run when data is input into cells D6:D16 that will check if a number is negative, i.e -21 If it is not i need a message box to popup saying "Numbers Should be Negative!" but not stop a posative number being added. please help if you can. Thanks Tony
  19. B

    Dynamic line numbering when rows get added or swapped

    I have a simple table with line numbers (1,2,3. . .x) appearing in Column A. Cell A1 is 1, Cell A2's formula is A1+1, Cell A3's formula is A2+1, and so on. This creates problems if anything gets moved. What is a good way to keep the line numbers sequential when a row gets added, deleted, or...
  20. J

    add rows according to cell value

    Hello, Hope someone can help me. I have a table, in column A every 2 cells are merged (1+2,3+4...). In column B, no merged cells, and every cell has a number. Column C, I need to add rows according to cell value on B. But in a way that columns A and B will stay merged. Something like this: A...

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