1. VisioExcel

    How to read an Excel cell value as string from a Visio add-in (VB.NET)

    I am trying to read a single cell value from a Vision add-in from an Excel file the user selects with a File Dialog, then selects an Excel cell in Excel. The user can select a range of more than one cell. however I will read only the first cell. The below is VBA code from Visio Guy adapted for...
  2. B

    Transposing text from a website

    Hello Everyone, I'm struggling to find a solution for a quite common issue I guess. I am about to copy a lot of text from different websites on a daily basis. Currently it looks like this (I.ex.: Bitcoin Price Chart (BTC) | Coinbase) Market cap $143.7B Volume (24 hours) $28.0B Circulating...
  3. R

    HTML Maker for Excel 2019 x64

    Is there an updated version of the HTML Maker addin for current versions of Excel such as Excel 2019 x64? All of the addins I used to use seem to no longer work. I don't know if its the version of Excel being newer or if its 64 bit. The one addin I was able to get working, ASAP Utilities, did...
  4. S

    How to make custom addin

    Hi. i'm trying to make custom addin for the below code. I'm new to excel can you please assist how can i customize ribbon in order to run addin. in addition, how can i make addin for this code Sub test() Dim Ary As Variant Dim NewBk As Workbook Ary = Range("A1", Range("A" &...
  5. D

    Attach a file to an excel addin

    I need to include an xslt file in my Excel Addin so that I don't need to send the file separately when I give the addin to other users. Does anyone know of a way to do this?
  6. J

    problem when running my addinn

    hello, I am created a Userform with some VB code that do some operations that i need for my work and save the WB as an addin ( elam file), when I add it to my Excel and try to run it but the Excel first Open the WB where the Addin was created and than the Userform popup. How can I stop the WB...
  7. M

    Userform position in xla/xlam files

    Hi, In .xlam file I have added UserForm which initialize by set position of the form in middle on main screen with dual monitors. I am using it commonly in all other forms in xls/xlsm. Me.StartUpPosition = 0 Me.Left = Application.Left + (0.5 * Application.Width) - (0.5 * Me.Width) Me.Top =...
  8. D

    Sharing an Excel VBA addin

    I have a VBA module that takes the contents of a spreadsheet in a specified format, re formats the data and writes the new format to a text file. The VBA module does what it is supposed to, but now i want to send it to someone who is non-technical. I need an easy way to install the...
  9. P

    Excel Add-in is not appearing in Data Ribbon

    Hi, I am creating a new excel Addin and i have added some macro to it, when i am trying to add it to the excel with Normal procedure it is not appearing in the data Ribbon of the excel, and i have added the Addin location to the Trusted location option, please kindly help with this, i am not...
  10. S

    Cannot find my macros when the Add-in is stored on a network drive. Why not?

    Hello, First I must say: I am somewhat new to creating macros and new to creating Excel Add-Ins. Question: I wish to deploy my Excel Add-Ins to certain other corporate users by placing the .xlam file on the network, and giving all users the directions on how to customize their own Excel...
  11. S

    How can I run a UserForm from XLAM addin (Excel 2013)?

    I searched for an answer to no avail yet... The Custom UI xml file contains the following (XML brackets replaced with regular ones): This is the macro itself inside a separate module: I tried to name the macro both with and without the "_Click" part. But it doesn't work either. Error...
  12. U

    Run Addin macro on Open workbook

    Hi Guys, I have a macro-add in where it will attached the files on another already open workbook. However, whenever I run the codes, the files are being attached to the macro add-in and not on the open workbook. I have this section that I think I need to tweak the codes. Otherwise, feel free to...
  13. D

    Javascript errors and how to deal with them

    I am just starting with JavaScript in Excel, and I have downloaded the "Excel JavaScript UDFS" book from this site. I have installed the sample add-in, but I have a problem with the RangeAverage function: With a large range (e.g. 1 column x >500,000 rows) it returns #NA #. After returning this...
  14. A

    Creat beautiful Excel Dialogs (preferably using javascript)

    Is it possible to create beautiful dialogs in Excel not the traditional ones? I want to achieve the following look. Only the look, I can functionalities myself. See the screenshot below from excel. It is a built in dialog. Can this be made in excel? (without making a seperate Addin) e.g.
  15. F

    Excel2016: XML file. How do I use built in commands, instead of VBA scripts I wrote

    I created an addin that works fine. I wrote a bunch of code and assigned them to buttons. But I would like to add some buttons using built in functions like Add Row, Delete Row, Hide Row. How do I refer to these built in commands? Here is a line of my XML code: <tbody> <button...
  16. D

    Load Add-In Across Multiple Users On Same Computer

    Hi everybody, I have an Add-in that needs to be loaded on a single computer on our network for all users who log in to that computer. Is this possible? Or are the settings to load an add-in only on a per user basis? Thanks!
  17. M

    Automatically show addin in Ribbons Tab

    Hi guys. Is there a way with automatically showing an .xlam file that you have created in the ribbon without going through the Options>Addins>Browse? A previous addin I have used automatically shows itself once I open it from the desktop, in the ribbon without going through the hassle. Thanks...
  18. sharky12345

    Clean up project without addin

    I need to find a way to clean up a project without using an addin. When I say clean up, I mean like removing empty lines etc - I also need something that could add or remove line numbers if possible. I was thinking is there something like a module or function that could perform this. The...
  19. J

    XLA back the code? is possible?

    is possible get the code form a XLA (AddIN)? if yes, how to? Thanks
  20. R

    problem with fuzzy lookup

    Dear Friends, Earlier I installed Fuzzy LookUp in my laptop where Windows 7 was installed. There fuzzy lookup addin was running fine. Recently I installed in another laptop where windows 10 64 bit is installed. But unfortunately fuzzy lookup is not running. After click on Go no result is...
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