1. P

    VBA error for textbox email address into address

    Hi, i got the code below where it autofills a email address in to textbox36 and i want this data to link into my email, i have used the code below but i get an error please can you help aEmail.Recipients.Add = "UserForm1.TextBox36.Value"
  2. K

    Filter using assigned variable

    Hi, I am doing a filter using the below code: filterRange.AutoFilter Field:=11, Criteria1:="<>" However I do not want to filter as mentioning field as 11 Using Find I found a text "reversed" and assigned it to a variable called "celladdress" Now cell address shows as K1 So I want to filter...
  3. ssincerely

    Extracting Data from multiple sheets to one sheet based on criteria

    Good Day Excelites, I have a workbook with multiple sheets all identical. In different cells there are, name, age, address, occupation, date reporting etal. I want to extract from each sheet the name, age, occupation and address based on date reported with the criteria within the 7 days...
  4. B

    Can Range's target be a cell value or a vlookup?

    I am new to VBA, and tried to find something on google that would teach me how to change a value in my sheet. I found this code: Range("A1").Value = 1+Range("A1").Value Now, this is exactly what I'm looking for - BUT - I need the "A1" to not be a static cell address, but take the cell address...
  5. N

    Pulling email address from specific field and adding it to the .To fiel

    I have a form that I am wanting to send via email. I have the code and it works if I input an email address manually, however, I want to automate the process. I want the macro to pull the recipient email address from the worksheet and apply it to the .To field. ' Here is the code that i am...
  6. M

    MailMerge Address Labels

    MS Excel 2007 and MS Word 2007. I have created an address data base in Excel containing headers like:A1 name;A2 Door No; A3 Street; A4 City; A5 Postal code; and A6 State. Then address data entered from A2 onwards. I am able to create mailing address labels through MS Word using Mailings...
  7. C

    Formula works in Excel but not in VBA

    The following formula works fine in vba: faddress=Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0,-15),ActiveCell.Offset(0,-15).End(xlUp).End(xlToRight).Offset(0, -4)).Address ActiveCell.FormulaArray = "=if(countif(" & faddress & ",""hrcmp"")>0,IF(COUNTIF(" & faddress & ",""hrpay"")>0,""HRCMP/HRPay Mix"",""""),"""")"...
  8. G

    Use INDEX, MATCH without hard coded cell address

    I would like to build a formula that is user proof. I have tapped this out; =INDEX(BusTable,MATCH(Q5,BusNo,0),2) and it works fine. This is in cell R5. In an attempt to replace all direct cell references I have written this; <tbody>...
  9. M

    VB to get left of email address @ sign

    Hi Hope someone can assist, I have an Excel book that has VB to email out when certain criteria is met. in this it will put into the body of the email the users email address, but I would like it to only to show FirstName.LastName (or to the left of the @ sign) This is the bit of the VB that...
  10. R

    Formula Please help write this one

    Hello Column B has a list of codes B2 and B3 are the same location code 2 line items are required because each site will get 2 ciircuits From the data sheet I am provided it has COL M is 1 IP address COL N is 1 IP address COL O is 1 IP address COL P is 1 IP address What I need is for a lookup...
  11. B

    IP Address Lookup

    Hi I have a spreadsheet with 500 lines of IP addresses and I want to have an additional lookup of the Vlan names as below I need to look at the third Octet of the IP address ie the 200, 300, 400 of the IP address etc to then return the VLAN name, ie Vlan200, Vlan300 etc. Hope this is clear...
  12. Toadstool

    Extract multiple matches without array formula or VBA

    I often work with large datasets and need to extract multiple matches to a new sheet. I don't want to use VBA and I'd like to avoid the array formula overhead. I'm happy with a helper column giving row numbers which match as I can then simply use INDEX to pull in all the columns I want for that...
  13. D

    Lookup Value from multiple column and rows

    Hi, I am trying for fun to find cell address form a looking up a value. example I wanted to lookup value to 9 in the table as I can't know which row or column it would be in and then give me cell address of 9. <tbody> 1 5 4 3 1 4 3 4 5 6 4 5 9 1 1 1 3 4 5 6 4 5 3 4 4 </tbody> Thank you
  14. R

    Formula to Extract text in Postal Address

    I have a cell that contains a full address e.g. Flat 10, 1 London Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1AA. I would like to be able to extract each of the parts of the address that are seperated by a comma. I have managed to get the first line with: =LEFT(A1,FIND(", ",A1-1) And the second with...
  15. N

    Check if 2 commas exist

    Hello!! Is there a way to check if two commas exist in a cell? In cell H3 of my worksheet users will enter an address and I want to make sure they use two commas when entering an address as another sheet takes this address and splits it. for example: 123 ABC st Moraga CA 97501 should read...
  16. M

    VBA Code to send email to address in cell A1

    Does any one know how to send an email from a button on a spread sheet to an email address that is saved on the same spread sheet under cell A1 if any one could help please thank you

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