1. D

    Identify cell address of first instance of duplicate value in vba

    I have a table Column A, Column B, Column C Row1 2 Red Apple Row2 5 Green Mango Row3 2 Yellow Banana Selected row3 with duplicate in Column A = value 2. I need a code or function to find...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Get Cell Reference From Cell Address ?

    Hi dear forum members, Is there a formula that would take a cell address and return the corresponding cell reference so I can then use this reference as an argument in other fonctions such as INDEX etc... ? Looking for a Non-UDF solution. Regards.
  3. H

    If Statment Help

    <tbody> Number Fill Address 1026 902 E. Fremont 902 E. Fremont 1063 871 Main Street 829 Main </tbody> 1263 Hello All, I need help. I'm looking for statement that will help me fill the middle Column. For Example, If the address ha a row number then fill it with the...
  4. J

    Automatic attachment and email to be sent

    Dear Expert, I need an help from you. I need a VBA code from you for the below scenario. Currently I am doing it manually and i want to automate it. Current Scenario: I am from invoicing Team and i Generate multiple invoices for the day. I store all these Invoices in PDF mode and save it under...
  5. K

    email address on userform

    I have created a userform that asks for an email address. Does anybody have some code that would verify the email address has the correct format (I don't need to verify the address actually exists). Thanks so much !! The web is just getting me lost and confused.
  6. E

    compare two columns and output to new column

    I am trying to compare an address on sheet A with an address on sheet B and if they match put data from column E on sheet 2 into column H on sheet 1. Here is the formula I have that is not working. =VLOOKUP(F2,ActiveCustomerListing!$D$2:$E$36000,3,0) Column F on sheet 1 is an address Column D...
  7. N

    Separating City from Address When Only Comma Sits Between City and State

    Looking to extract the City from an address (which can be more than one or two words (ex: Winter Garden or Miami). The format I have is as follows: Address [space] City [comma] State Abbv [Space] Zip examples below: 6615 Mahan Dr Tallahassee, FL 32308 3838 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33611 999 E...
  8. N

    vloop or code - entire row

    Hello All, So I have office locations in sheet 1 as follows: <tbody> Location Address City State Zipcode Chicago 243 W Jackson Chicago IL 60605 New York 505 W 50th St New York NY 10019 Los Angeles 20 Calabasas Road Los Angeles CA 98490 </tbody> Now I m looking to auto populate data...
  9. M

    Formula to display one bit of info based on two others matches

    I have a spreadsheet with some data and addresses. I am wanting to do a formula where if sheet1 b2 (address) = sheet 2 b2 through b45 address then sheet 1 a2 = displays sheet 2 a2. If that makes any sense at all sheet 1 A2 123 FAKE ST sheet 2 B2 123 FAKE ST B15 123 FAKE ST sheet 1 A1 FAKE_123
  10. most

    Retrive adress from selection

    Can anybody explain why this happens? With the third case I expect the result to be $A$12 $B$13 not $A$12 $A$13 Sub Sel() Debug.Print "C:" & Selection.Count Debug.Print Selection(1).Address Debug.Print Selection(2).Address Debug.Print "---" End Sub The grey areas are the cells...
  11. M

    Rows with duplicate values merge and delete duplicate keep unique value in row

    I am trying to get my table to look like table 2. Any help would be appreciated. <tbody> Name Address Insured Address Policy Policy2 John Doe 123 ABC ST 123 ABC ST 8888A John Doe 123 ABC ST 123 ABC ST 9999B MIKE A 345 CCC ST 345 CCC ST 5555C MIKE A 345 CCC ST 345 CCC ST...
  12. A

    Address of the First Five Consecutive rows where the cell value is >=X

    Hi, I’m trying to find the address of the First Five Row numbers in a given column where continuously the cell values are >= X. There can be multiple instance where we can find continuous rows where cell values are >=X, but I need the first occurrence only. For example in column A...
  13. P

    Adding Spaces into Text

    Hi everyone! I used a concatenate formula to combine a set of address columns into a full address column. My only issue is that the spaces were not added between words. Can you help me do this? Currently all the addresses look like this: <tbody> 000 Peach StreetDentonTX76209 How can I...
  14. P

    vlookup / hyperlink to e-mail

    Hello, Please could any help on a vlookup issue? i have the following lookup =HYPERLINK(IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),"")=0,"",IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),""))) I have a invoice and when i populate the suppliers details i would like to have a hyperlink to their...
  15. 3

    how to extract a website address(not hyperlink) from within a text using a formula

    I wonder if there is a way to extract a website address from within a text. noting that : 1- text field contains mix of email addresses and website address 2- email address can be before the website address or after it 3-some cells contain more than a mail address and a website address 4- there...
  16. P

    Adding data with a search userform & then populating another userform with values..

    Hi Team. Bit hard to describe here, but what I am doing is adding an address from a list onto a datasheet, using a userform,(oddly enough called "SearchUF"). So the code adds the new address in Col B using xlup and the remainder of that row is populated using a series of formulas. Which works...
  17. R

    Email tabs from a work to different email addresses

    I have an excel workbook with multiple tabs. I am looking to send each tab to a different email address. The individual email address will be located in the same cell on each tab. Is there a VBA code that will perform this task?
  18. C

    Convert a list into rows

    Hi I've downloaded some data which comprises of business name, address and post/zip code. The data has arrived in a single column but I now need to sort so that I can effectively swivel the company data 90 degrees so each business lists across a row. Not all of the data is consistent as some...
  19. M

    Search for an IP address Using a Set of Ranges as Search Criteria

    I am trying to create a tool that will allow you to paste a column of IP addresses and have each address searched for in a range of IP addresses. For each address found in a range then Excel returns "yes", otherwise "no" The table below is a sample of the pasted addresses (column F) To the...
  20. A

    how to select a cell based on the cell value(cell address written in a cell)

    Dear Team, i am new in VBA using macro by record macro only. Kindly help to correct the below mention VBA code. I want to select a cell in sheet1 based on the cell value in sheet2(cell E3). E3 contain the Cell address of required cell selection. like in below macro address is "A10". but it...

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