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    Add Formula to macro to match with adjacent column

    Hello, thank you in advance for your help. I'm trying to add a formula to cell B2 (and going all the way down to match the number of rows in column A) to search for the "L0" in column A and replace both digits before "L0" with another "L0". Example, if the two digits before "L0" is "04", then...
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    Create unique ID based off of adjacent cell

    I am trying to use a forumla to look at the value in column b then create a unique id in column a based off of that value. In the table below I have a 3 digit value (in column B) that may be repeated any given number of times and if so I want the corresponding text in column "A" to equal that...
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    VBA macro help for project gantt chart timeline

    I am creating a gantt chart that I hope to use as a template for future projects. Cell C4 contains todays date Cell C5 contains project start date Cell C6 contains the deadline or end date E6 contains a formula to caclulate the number of weeks to complete project. I'd like a macro that...
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    How to lookup and remove data from adjacent columns?

    Hello there, I have been struggling with this and give in! Please help! What I need to do is remove the data from columns B and C from column A So that all I am left with is "ROMA CUSHIONS" and "ROMA COVER SETS" <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C ROMA CUSHIONS 30X50CM GOLD...
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    Formula to count how many times adjacent cells in a row fulfil a certain criteria

    Hi, I’m using Excel version 12.1.0 for Mac. I’m having trouble making a formula that will allow me to recognize ‘episodes’ in rows of data. The criteria for an episode is that four or more adjacent cells (adjacent by column) need to have a value of 1,2 or 3. I’d like the formula to count...
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    Macro for Autosum if column A contains "total"

    I have a spreadsheet which contains a pivot table (A:D) with several columns of data adjacent to it. The adjacent columns (E:F) contain vlookup formulas based on the job# in column B. The pivot table is subtotaled based on the Foreman. A B C D...
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    Conditional Format on Non-Adjacent Cells

    This is basically what I have and what I'm trying to do A1, 4 D1, 10 A2, 2 D2, 8 A3, 9 D3, 6 I am trying to use the Icon Conditional format feature to show when cells in Column D show an increase, decrease or stays the same. I am not sure whether to use the number, percentile...
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    How to high-light consecutive numbers in cells

    I have a series of numbers in 10 columns. Would like to highlight cells that have consecutive numbers even if the numbers are not in adjacent columns. For example, numbers 8 & 7 and 1 & 2 should be high-lighted A B C D E F G H I J 4 8 2 10 7 1...

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