adjacent data

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    Excel Autofill Formula Down to Adjacent Column

    To start off, I have found this answer on several different forums, all the answers are the same, but I cannot get it to work. I have a set of data from column A through column T with the number of rows varying based on report ran. I need to paste a formula in U2 and have it paste all the...
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    Formula to count how many times adjacent cells in a row fulfil a certain criteria

    Hi, I’m using Excel version 12.1.0 for Mac. I’m having trouble making a formula that will allow me to recognize ‘episodes’ in rows of data. The criteria for an episode is that four or more adjacent cells (adjacent by column) need to have a value of 1,2 or 3. I’d like the formula to count...
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    Selecting Data

    Hello, I have a Spreadsheet where: Column B = Project Number Column C = Project Title Column D = Workstage Column E = Workstage Description I have code that will sort what can appear in workstage(D) depending on whats selected in Column A. this is done using the active cell at the time...

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