1. L

    Macro to autofill cells based on last cell or final row data in adjacent column

    I'm trying to create some automation in a macro--see attached picture. The automation includes adding a formula in cell G2 =CONCATENATE($F2,"")--then autofill this formula down column G to the last cell or final row in column F. I don't know how to reference the adjacent column when...
  2. G

    Data best fit?

    Hi all, If I have a range of numbers to 2 decimal places in column A, for example from -2.52 to 3.84 with intervals that are not the same -2.52, -2.49, -2.48, -2,42, -2.42, -2.41, -2.38....... 3.65, 3.69, 3.70, 3.80. In column B the number in the cell adjacent to -2.52 is 20 The number is the...
  3. T

    Loop with values in Column D in Sheet 2 to find Values anywhere on Sheet 3 and Paste to adjacent Cell E in Sheet 1

    Hi dear Members, The syntax for creating a loop to use values in Column D in Sheet 2 to find Values anywhere on Sheet 3 and Paste to adjacent Cell E in Sheet 1 eludes me. Could anyone point me in the right direction, please?:confused: Thanks
  4. K

    Matching pivot table format for adjacent cells when filtering

    I currently have a pivot table of counts, and due to some additional calculations have added several adjacent columns with consistent formatting. My issue comes when I try to use the slicers, and the formatting of the adjacent (non-pivot) cells no longer matches the pivot table cells. Is there a...
  5. C

    #N/A Values

    <tbody> 1 1 #N/A 2 #N/A 3 2 4 3 #N/A 4 </tbody> I have a bunch of #N/A values in columns. what's the easiest way to get the desired result (1234) in the adjacent column with no empty cells in between?
  6. P

    Insert a new row between two two adjacent row from a 600 rows

    Hi, Is there a quicker way of insert a new row between two adjacent rows of a 600 rows speadsheet? At present we are using click on Ctrl + highlight the row one by one and click on insert? thanks, Peter
  7. A

    autofilter table AND adjacent data

    Is it possible to autofilter a data table and the adjacent data using the one filter? I'm after a similar result to inserting a column before a pivot table and autofiltering that column, which then applies the filter to all used columns, including adjacent data.
  8. D

    Copy adjacent cell value next to blank onto new sheet

    Hi there,could some one please help me?i need to find all the blanks in one column and copy the adjacent cell onto a new sheet (sheet1)my table looks like this <tbody> tracking no filled date 1234 1/1/20 1235 1/2/20 1236 1237 2/2/20 1238 2/3/20 1239 </tbody> on...
  9. P

    Place number in adjacent cell

    Hi to all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that a VBA code to run through column "H" and where cells contains the text like "Electricity" should place the code "105020100". in adjacent cell in col. "F" Thank you all in advance
  10. B

    Conditional Formatting two cells when they are equal to a certain value

    This may seem simple to you, but I'd like to get a little help on this please. I have A and B columns. I'm trying to format the two adjacent cells when they have the value "S0". What I tried is this formula: =And ($A2="S0", $B2="S0") But this formula doesn't give me the result I want. What...
  11. R

    Multi Column vLookup

    I have a 5 column table - Column 1 thru Column 4 contain unique names; Column 5 contains a time value. I am attempting to use vLookup to search for a unique name that may appear in Column 1 thru Column 4 and return the time value in the adjacent Column 5. I have had no success in developing...
  12. S

    Autofilling data ,when a particular data is selected from a list (Data Validation)

    Please help me out, When a particular data is selected from a list ,corresponding values should be filled in adjacent cells. For example, When Class-I is selected ,different Fees related to that should be filled in adjacent cells.
  13. I

    ADD SPACES via FORMULA: baced on a number in adjacent cell

    I need to add a certain number of spaces based on a number in an adjacent cell. Am concatenating several cells into one, and using Courier New font to line things up, but need to add a number of spaces to the end of the next to last concatenation based on number in an adjacent cell.
  14. T

    Find blank cells in column and put in VLookup formula, but only if there is a value in another cell in a different column

    Hi, thank you in advance for any help on this! Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: On Sheet1, look for blank cells in columns O, Q, Z, AC, and put in a Vlookup formula (referencing sheet2). But only put in the Vlookup formula if there is a value (name) in column B (in the same row and on...
  15. Z

    Dynamically merging multiple columns of data into one column, organised by a specific criteria...

    Hello, I am working with a spreadsheet that is split by Parts as you can see below. I need column A to pull revenue from columns F, H and I organised hierarchically by the date. So for example, cell A2 should contain "14/02/2019" because that is the earliest date and then B2 should...
  16. redspanna

    remove cells with minus value and adjacent cells

    Can someone help with code that will look down range B1:B50 and when a minus sum is found, delete that cell and the adjacent value in column A, then remove those blank cells. Not remove entire row - just blank cells in columns A:B example Test 1 200 Test 2 -300 Test 3 1345...
  17. F

    Picture object visibility

    Conditional formatting is great for making a separate cell display when another cell has data, can this be done with a picture ? So if an adjacent cell contains 1 or more a very small picture displays however if the cell is 0 then no picture visible ?
  18. B

    VBA: For Each Match Return Adjacent Cell

    Hi Here's what I have so far; For Each c In Worksheets("Rota").Range("A3:A31") If Not IsError(Application.Match(c, Worksheets("Key").Range("A16:A41"), 0)) Then Worksheets("Rota").c.Offset(0, 1).Value = Worksheets("Key").Match.c.Offset(0, 1).Value End If Next...
  19. kelly mort

    Randomly Distribution of items across a range with vba

    I have this table of the range B2:J6 And I am looking for a way to randomly distribute the letters A-I across. These are the rules: 1. A row can take just A or A and A . If 2 As, then they should be immediately adjacent each other. Example B2C2. 2. The first four letters can appear more...
  20. D

    Sum values that meet criteria in multiple columns

    Im at a loss.. I need to sum values in a column if its greater than the value in an adjacent cell, also if another adjacent cell equals X, and value in adjacent cell equals Y. Typically, the operators in a sumif would evaluate based on a specific threshold.. Ie. =Sumifs(A1:A10, A1:A10...

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