1. S

    Advanced return values that don't match and highlight cells

    I'm looking for formulae that will compare Sheet1 and Sheet2, searching Sheet2 for cells that don't match columns C-E for the associated ID and Date (columns A & B) in Sheet1. Further, I'd like to highlight in Sheet1 whatever cells in columns C-E that don't have matches in that can be found in...
  2. B

    Perfect brackets for online tournament [VBA] [Very advanced]

    Hi, everybody In a couple of weeks I will run an online tournament. In this tournament there will be between 11-60 players. Every player will play 5 matches (1 match every round). A match consist of 1 game between 5-10 participants. I want to find the perfect matches, which is rougly defined as...
  3. D

    Compare specific Column in two sheets and append data to last available row

    Hello, I am fairly new to vba and i am having a hard time coding something that will solve my issue :( I have two data sources I wish to combine. Sheet 1 Data source on Sheet1 contains 2 columns: AccountID and Cost. Source is in cells A3:B3 (data row starts in A4) for 1 to N records. A...
  4. S

    Advanced Filter query - What are the rules with editing the extract?

    Previously, I have done an Advanced Filter query, with the Extract in the same Workbook, and: 1.) Sorted the Extract 2.) Made some changes to the Extract Sometimes this had a bad effect: With whatever change I made, it did the same thing to the rows above and below it - unwanted changes Other...
  5. L

    advanced filter - OR vs AND

    Hi Please I need your help to understand Advanced filter. In the example below, the author said to use advanced filter that means to use OR condition. and he created the criteria and found this I understood all the above but what I do not understand, when I use a regular filter to filter...
  6. H

    Advanced filter from another workbook

    Fluff very kindly posted the following code to enable the automation of advanced filtering from one worksheet to another in the same workbook for variable criteria without having to reinput the criteria each time. But how would this be done from another workbook? The data is in a workbook...
  7. H

    VBA for Advanced filter copy to another location

    Apologies - not a VBA Ninja! I have found the code below to perform an advanced filter in place so that a user can enter the filter criteria and the data will update automatically, but could someone please amend this to filter to another location? The target location is a worksheet called...
  8. B

    Index Match with multiple criteria not using arrays

    Hi all Im using the index match feature with multiple criteria to get a returned value, but its slowed the sheet to a crawl. Any other ideas to return the text value? Im not great at VB I should mention its a shared document and I think arrays have issues with it being shared...
  9. H

    Advanced Filter not updating automatically

    I have set up an advanced filter but it won't update automatically, but then again maybe it's not supposed to! I have a data entry worksheet to which random part numbers are added against known fault codes. All this is numeric. Fault codes are in column A, part numbers in column B. I have...
  10. N

    Advanced Filter

    Hello, I have a workbook with several worksheets and several advanced filters that was working very well, but with unknown reason the advanced filters stop working Below is a link for a test sheet from my workbook that shows how I did the advanced filter Can someone please check it and let me...
  11. M

    If Lookup Index Match pulling back #Value

    Hi all, quite an involved one here so please bear with me. Working at a company trying to rectify their orders. They have a weekly report that they are seeking a comparator on, to see the changes. Because so many of their orders are very similar, I have taken their data and had to create a...
  12. N

    advanced filter exact match using vba

    Hello, I'm using advanced filter in a sheet using a list of clientsIDs grabbed from the same sheet. The code works, but a problem arises when I have 2 clientsIDs that start with the same numbers. For example, if one of the clients in my list is 102, my filter also includes 1021. Is there a...
  13. M

    Excel 365 Advanced Filtering

    I use this on a number of large files (in 2003 compatibility mode because it is much faster) and when I click Data - Advanced it always comes up with the "Filter the list in place" and every time I must click "Copy to another location" before OK. Is there any way to make Copy to another...
  14. L

    Advanced Filter VBA

    Hello, I'm using an advanced filter vba to search for data from within a large data set onto another sheet. I've worked this before but this time it is not working. Range("Sheet_K_2D_FinancialInput").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Sheet15.Range("BV4:BZ5")...
  15. M

    Advanced Filter

    How would you set up advanced filter if you want to collect records of a dataset that contain numbers stored as text, and you want them starting with the partial text 646&"*" or 647&"*". I have a dataset where a column contains account code in text format such 6****** and I want all of those...
  16. N

    Advanced INDEX MATCH formula

    Hello friends :rofl: I am in need of an INDEX MATCH formula that looks up one column OR another column. Our group accounts are listed in one column and the accounts that comprise said group account are listed in another column. EG group account 15000 is in column A. 15100, 15200, 15300...
  17. D

    coniditional copy and paste advanced filtering

    i have an advanced filter, but so far there's no relevant data so after the advanced filter, only the header row shows up and the total row (ie the row after all the data) is blank. (currently the total row as of today is 24,000 but it can change daily depending on the day's data....again, the...
  18. B

    Advanced Filtering

    Referencing the image below, I created the following filtering criteria within Advanced Filtering in order to filter my Data Set. Within the Advance Filter entry window, when I set my criteria range to filter based on the date criteria only the advance filtering works just fine. However...
  19. X

    Advanced filter automatically

    Hi, I'm trying to set up an advanced filter that updates automatically and here's my code: Sub advancedfilter() Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A9:N151").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("K1:K2"), _ CopyToRange:=Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A8:N8") _...
  20. M

    xlsm workbooks much slower than xls workbooks

    Can anyone explain why I find it so much faster to run my workbooks created in Excel 365 in Excel 2003 compatibilty mode? Even with some complicated and very long VBA macros including colour sorting and also using Data Advanced Filtering I have not found anything that I use that will not work...
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