1. P

    Complex VLOOKUP that would return certain Percentage as a result

    Good day MrExcel First off, thank you for taking this time to open and read up until this line... now my problem st I previously posted a question similar to this here in MrExcel and it was resolved by user <strike>AliGW. </strike>Now, I have encountered a project which has a different...
  2. S

    Count number of Employee base on schedule

    Hi Team i am creating an excel file where I need to count employee base on their schedule The problem i am facing now is counting employee with their time out. Agent A Time In- 9AM Agent A Time Out- 5PM Agent B Time In- 12PM Agent B Time out- 9Pm I should have a count of 2 Agents by 5PM...
  3. J

    Compare Value in Cell to Sheet name before doing anything!

    Hello all, I have individual sheets in a workbook named for each Shipping Agent at my workplace. In these sheets they log their parcel counts as they ship an order. They must (it's a required field) select their name from a drop-down list in column J:J so that another sheet can calculate their...
  4. M

    Access Query

    I am trying to return a single record from an Access table but I am struggling to return the specific record I have been usingstrQuery = "SELECT Agent FROM SageData WHERE InvDate = #" & Format(dtDate, "dd/mm/yyyy") & "# AND BoxRef = '" & rngCell.Offset(intCount, 0) & "'" rsQuery.Open...
  5. R

    Lost with the Time in Excel and require a helping hand...

    Hi Folks, I'm lost trying to figure out how to aggregate the Time data in the table below to make it easier to work with and more presentable. Unfortunately, I don't have control over how the data is exported and I'm stuck to work with what I got. Luckily I've found this Forum and I've been...
  6. O

    Conditional Formatting - 1 Table - 2 Colors with diff thresholds

    Good morning/afternnon/evening I am managing a team of 30+ agents, based on different schedules, some have 1 hour lunch, and another some have 30 min, the number of agents is changing ( 15-35 ). So I need to find a way to conditional format when a 30 min agent takes more than 30 min an color...
  7. K

    Backwards - calculate required sales volume from desired commission amount on tiered commission structure

    Hi there, sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but the closest thread I could find was this one and it's not quite what I need. Real estate agents for a brokerage are...
  8. M


    Hello! I’m working on reporting to show the overall impact an agent has on our site. Our site KPI goal is 90%; Agent 1 has 20 surveys averaging 80% Agent 2 has 100 surveys at 80%. Both are obviously not meeting but Agent 2 has a bigger “drag” to our site. Can someone help me with the formula...
  9. R

    Top 20% of Sales per Agent

    I'm looking to find a way whether it be in excel, power query, power BI or Pivot to display the top 20% of customer sales per agent without the need to create a Top 20% Conditional Format for each agent and for each update. Agent/Cust is a concatenation of the agent name and customer number...
  10. S

    Search Formula

    What formula could i use to to find names in a of information? Would using a index and match make more sense than a Vlookup or something Else? I'm trying to say if the information in column A appears in Column C, Appear in Column B <tbody> Column A Column B Column C <tbody>...
  11. S

    Please Help me with VBA on this large file

    Hi All I have 2 sheets with almost 300k rows of data.. The columns are from A to Q the dates, agent name and start times and times are sorted to sort each agent schedule that day I need to have a macro that loops through every day and checks to see if an agent had any activity that say...
  12. O

    Sum if time is between 2 time frames

    Hello masters !! Ok I've been struggling with this and it might be very simple:laugh: The formula or vba code that im trying to figure out should Search for Agent Name ( A:A ) if the agent had a start time that is equal or larger than G1 but equal or lower than H1 time, then the formula...
  13. M

    LookUp/Match/Index Not Working

    I have the following formula: =(LOOKUP(B3,January!D:D,January!J:J)) B3 = "Agent 3" The Table i am trying to look form is the following: <tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K Location CSM Manager Agent Conformance % Adherence % Inbound Calls Ave Inb Talk Ave Inb Hold Avg Inb Wrap Inb AHT...
  14. C

    matching more than one column

    I am trying to match multiple columns. I have data in columns c&h, there are 23000 rows and I want to find an exact match in columns s&v and there are 1200 rows in these columns. example column a column c column h column n...
  15. U

    Transpose Whole Data VBA

    Hi i have a sheet that is set up like this cell b2 = ID c2:z2 have the IDS cell b3 = Agent b3:z3 have the agent names cell c3:z100 have values in there cell a2:a100 have dates in there what i need is to completely transpose the data so it looks like this dates from a2:a100 to go across say...
  16. A

    Agent Report Parser

    Hello, I'm trying to put together an Agent Report Parser, and I'm having some trouble. I want to be able to type the Agent's Name in the cell and also the "Week Of" in another cell, and then making it auto-populate the data for the fields provided. The data is on different tabs, so I'm getting...
  17. S

    Maths % how do you show when 0

    Hi all If I’m trying to find out a percentage of a total where number of people to start were 0 - how do u show it for example An agent was assigned 2 tasks but he completed 4 would be 4/2 = 200% An Agent was assigned 2 tasks but he completed 1 would be 1/2 = 50% what if the agent was...
  18. D

    Commission split between partners and agent

    Hi All- I have been working....struggling on an excel sheet to determine the commission split among 2 partners on a per deal basis which would include the reimbursement from Partner A to Partner B for the acquisition of the company. (Here is the link to my XLS sheet. ) Here are a few things to...
  19. C

    Lookup within same column

    Hi, I'm going to try my best to explain this one! I'm making a list of suppliers that are agents with their own separate sub-suppliers. Column A is my agent name, repeated in each row for different sub-suppliers via that agent. Column B is the sub-supplier name. Column C states 'A' if the agent...
  20. C

    Returning multiple values from multiple criteria

    Hey all, I'm in desperate need for a code that will allow the return of multiple values from a line of cells (of which I can then CONCATENATE) using a given criteria. For context, my headings are: A1 = Date B1 = Agent C1 = TL D1 = Type E1 = Ref# F1 = Comments What I need is a code that...

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