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    Average Age using decimals

    Hi I have been given a sheet of ages and asked to calculate the average. However the ages are in decimals e.g. 10.04 = 10 years and 4 months, 11.11 = 11 years and 11 months. Any ideas how to calculate an accurate average in excel?
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    Just need some help with an additional ask. I have the following formulae, which provides aged analysis on all of my data. There are further ages (this is a sample) SUM(COUNTIFS(DataWIP!$H:$H,{"A- High","B - Associate - Hi"},DataWIP!$AL:$AL,"WIP",DataWIP!AN:AN,"<="&0))...
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    how to fill cell m34-dh34 with certain condition?? (vba)

    note: Time: Cell D6 Date Format Birthday: Month, Date, Year cell D3-f3 Age / Age: cell m 15 - dh15 Cell M34 - DH34: Place in its contents PINNACLE VALUE according to Time value Pinnacle Value: the result of addition of D3-F3 cell , THERE IS of 4 Pinnacle value . Iam looking for formula or vba...
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    Need to know formula to sum up 3 largest rates depending on age factor

    Hello, I am making rate calculator for clients to type in their ages and the ages of their dependents to know their insurance premium. Blue Cross has the rule that subscribers only pay for the first three dependents under the age of 21. (the largest 3). These ages and rates are only a sample...
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    Index with 3 Matches

    Hi - Could someone kindly help me work out the below (a little stuck with it); =INDEX(Sheet1!AG2:AK36,MATCH(A10,Sheet1!A2:A421,0),MATCH(A1,Sheet1!AF2:AF421,0),MATCH(B9,Sheet1!AG1:AK1,0)) Been messing around with it for ages and just can't get it to work. Thanks in advance!

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