1. F

    Account Receivable Aging automatic calculation by outstanding receivable amount

    Hi, I searched on many platforms for my question but didn't get the write result as per my query. I have two sets of data sheets Sheet1: data of all sales of customer with sale date, customer name and sales value Sheet 2: data of received amount from customer Date, customer name and...
  2. Please_H

    Gregorian Period 100-1900 and Aging

    Dear All, Just like my previous inquiry i have a set of Data on the early Gregorian years starting from 100-1900. What is the best way to make the excel understand and format them under dd/mm/yyyyy and do an aging with =today() Thank you.
  3. Please_H

    Hijri Date to Gregorian ( vise-versa ) below Hijri Year 100

    Dear Valued Members of Mr.Excel, I hope everyone are safe with the Epidemic of Covid19. I have a huge data set I need to convert as well as sort related to very old Date Info on Hijri, Most dates are either below Hijri year 100 and around the year 100-200, I need aging to be done as well. I...
  4. V

    Need help on Aging formula

    Hi Folks, I have 3 columns wit different dates and i want to write a formula in 4th column and my condition is to calculate the aging whichever is the latest date among the three columns. Formula needs to calculate aging from =TODAY()- Latest among the 3 columns dates.
  5. J

    Formula Help - Days since last event

    Hi - I was hoping somebody could help me out with an excel formula. I'm in operations at a landscaping company, and I'd like a better way to keep track of how many days it's been since the property was last serviced. Below is an example of the spreadsheet I have. Let's say today's hypothetical...
  6. dmxcasper2

    Aging question

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 Date Action Was Opened Commitment Date Re-Commitment Date Late to Commitment Aging 2 11/15/2018 12/10/2018 12/12/2018 3 </tbody> Problem Statement: Today's Date minus (oldest date of Column B and C, if only one date exists in either of those columns, use that...
  7. dmxcasper2

    Aging with if statement

    Problem Statement: For Row 2 I'm using =today()-A1 For Row 3 I need a a formula that perform the following logic statement under these conditions: If Column B is blank then calculate using =today()-A1 If Column B has a date then calculate Column A - Column B If Column A has a non date value...
  8. W

    Index Match is it the right tool for this job?

    I have a customer list of 14,000 rows of data and I'm trying to match the balance for those customers to an AR Aging table that only has 3,000 rows. Our customer list has many duplicate names due to having multiple billing addresses for the same customer. So to get a more refined match I have to...
  9. K

    Pivot - Help in aging report

    Dear All, I am working on aging report of vehicle stock. When some vehicles are received only today, then aging will be Zero. Formula is used is Today()-Received Date. Similarly number of days range from Zero till 300 days. When I make pivot table, i am not able find Zero number of days in the...
  10. S

    Aging Days for 2 date ranges

    I need to be able to have aging days on a report i have for cases. The Aging days need to have an If statement to have the aging days be the # between 2 date ranges summed. So a case is assigned 5/24/18. We send a request for more information on 6/20/18. Days lapse from that is 27. The...
  11. A

    Calculate No of Working days between two specific days excluding weekends

    Hi Friends, Hello Friends I need a help to achieve some formula.., When we input the date in "A1", it has to calculate No of Working days from given date till TODAY and if the No. of Working days is below 1 to 10 then it should shows "Aging 1 to 10", and if No. of Working days is between 11...
  12. K

    Stop aging when status changes

    Hi! I am seeking for a help on how to stop aging when status changes Assumption: A32 - DATE ACQUIRED G32 - AGING (# of days) I32 - STATUS (with drop down: Successfully Closed On Hold Inactive...
  13. H

    Calculating aging but ingore formulas if both dates are blank

    I am able to calculate aging in my column L based off a date entered in column K whether or not a date has been entered in column M. But what I would like is for my column L to ignore the aging formula if a beginning date has not been entered in column K. Currently excel returns a value of...
  14. S

    Extend file name

    Hi I am looking for a macro which will open all files from specified folder and rename files which is just extension to the existing file name. Example- If file name is GRIR report – It should be changed as “GRIR report as of 01312018” If file name is AR aging report – It should be...
  15. N

    Account Receivable aging and Late Payment Fees

    Hello Sirs, i have made this account receivable with aging report...i have following issues relating to formulas: 1) if the company pays during 30 days there will charge no late fees. 2) if the company pays during 60 days the amount will be deducted from previous month balance. 3) if company...
  16. R

    Remove aging list if variance is zero

    I have been put in charge of an inventory of AR items. Please see below STATUS Acct. Number MS4 Bat # Date In (Column E) AGING (Column F) Date Out Amount In Amount Out Variance Refunded 02/03/17 91+...
  17. D

    Macro Copy Main page to all worksheets

    I created a spreadsheet where I extract information from the main tab to multiple tabs based on customer number. I need to now add a header from the main sheet to all other sheets and having a hard time with a macro that will do this. I need to Copy cells A1-M5 from tab Aging and paste to all...
  18. M

    Receivables ledger to debtors aging link in same workbook.

    anyone here can make any suggestions to the following situation: i have to worksheets in a workbook one is receivables ledger and other is debtors aging now the problem here is i need a format by which i make receivables ledger entries and it records itself automatically in debtors aging and...
  19. K

    Cohort Aging Analysis using AVERAGEIF and SMALL w/ IF criteria

    Hello wise ones, I am doing some cohort analysis, and it is my first time trying functions like SMALL, LARGE, AGGREGATE, etc. This is as far as I got, and I'm stuck! I've included a Dropbox link to an Excel file with select data. In summary - (See Screenshot #1) For work, I am doing cohort...
  20. A

    Formula to calculatie aging then format cells over a specific date

    After reading through several threads on aging formulas, I wasn't able to find a way to achieve the following. I am looking for a formula that calculates the length of employment based on the anniversary date enter in another cell (D11) on the same sheet. Then a condition that changes the cell...

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