1. T

    Way to use type ahead in a validation list?

    Hello, I use a lot of lists in Data Validation. It gets tedious to bring up the list and scroll through until I find the one I want. Is there a way to use type ahead to select the choice without displaying the whole list? Thanks, George Teachman
  2. J

    How do I get a total count?

    I have two products and I need to know how many passed. Is there a way without doing a macro? If so, how? Thanks ahead for any help and suggestions.
  3. sharky12345

    Work out if date is more than 6 days ahead

    I'm using this formula to work out if a date is in the past or future; I need to take it one step further though - can I include if the date in the future is more than 6 days ahead? If it can be done I need it to show "Too Far". Thank you!
  4. M

    Grouping Columns in Pivot Table and use Timeline/Slicer to select group

    Hello there everyone! Im wondering if its possible to do this or not, or maybe some way i can achieve this. What i want to do is make a few groups of a few columns each in a pivot table, and then be able to use a slicer or timeline to be able to select which of the groups i want to see at any...
  5. L

    VBA Popup

    Dear Masters, I have one VBA on Excel that send email to Outlook. Sometimes on Outlook a popup message open. I'd like a VBA on excel that check if Outlook has a Popup click OK if not go ahead. Thanks
  6. M

    VBA to determine next working date excluding holiday List and WeekEnds

    Hello Experts, I have a requirement where i need to update a column in excel with dates thats equal to todays Date + 2 days ahead (Ex: 4-Aug + 2 Days ahead). But the date must not be a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and also none among the below shown holiday list. Suppose i am running this...

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