1. M

    Condensing Data: Many Blank is the Table, but most lines contain needed data.

    Let me first say I lack classic excel training. I normally use excel to solve problems as they arise, learning as I go. Thank you to those with training willing to answer these questions. I am attempting to use Excel to convert some CMUD XML formatting to BlowTorch XML formatting. My ideal...
  2. Roderick_E

    Alias within Formula

    While I have been working with Excel for several decades, I still a lot of blind spots. I was wondering if I missed that there is a way to alias a segment of a formula within the entire formula so that within the formula you can refer to the alias result? My example below is very simplistic and...
  3. T

    MATCH or VLOOKUP? or something different

    I have some extracted data into excel as a csv file and it contains lots of information, but I'm focused on the Alias. Then I have a list of usernames that has been given to me. What I would like to do is, if the alias/name match, export (extract) all of the data for that alias to a new...
  4. Jaafar Tribak

    Timed InputBox

    Hi all, I have seen this requested on some occasions and the usual answer is to create a userform that looks and behaves like an inputbox and then use OnTime to schedule the closing of the userform upon time-out. In case anyone is interested, I am showing here an alternative that uses the...
  5. Jaafar Tribak

    Event triggered when a shape is moved (ShapeMove Pseudo-Event)

    Hi all, This is a little vba class that you can add to your project in order to catch mouse drag and dop operations performed on shapes embedeed on worksheets. The code doesn't use a timer nor does it use a loop so it is safe and should have much less impact on performance. If you set the...
  6. A

    Getting data into Excel from SQL Server using Microsoft Query

    Here's a query that works just fine on my SQL Server Studio. select t.converted_date as AsOfDate, a.acc_name as Name, mvs_mkt as Prt, a.field_7 as AcctType from IndataDB_MarketValues..tblMarketValues m, IndataDB_MarketValues..tblDateTable t, indatadb_main..rimsacc_Master a where m.mvs_counter...
  7. B

    HELP: Read-Only Spreadsheet from Google Drive

    So I have a spreadsheet on Google Drive that me and other people use for our employees. Every week we send out the spreadsheet to the employees for them to see. However, it does not help them because the spreadsheet is changing constantly. I need for them to be able to view the spreadsheet (or...
  8. E

    Matching names using "alias list"

    Here's a great problem that even I can't solve, but I see possible glimmerings of a solution. I have a giant database (250,000 records) and a smaller to-find list (35,000 records), though the sizes are a problem. These are both lists of peoples names and addresses from all around the...
  9. D

    VBA excel to Outlook contact properties

    I have a list of names in excel. The Outlook alias is in one column and is what I am passing to create an outlook message. What I really need is to also look up the managers name of the outlook contact. This could be done with two separate macros if needed. I was hoping that I could pass in the...
  10. S

    Microsoft Query - subquery alias

    Hi, I've had this problem for a while and I haven't seen any answers to it yet. Hope you guys know better: I'm trying to get information to Excel by using an SQL statement that is run in Microsoft Query. Seems that MS Query doesn't follow SQL standards, because the following query gives me this...

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