align rows

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    Excel 2011 MAC, need a vb script or formula for sorting aligning spread sheet!

    I have a spreadsheet that contains supplier lists, destinations, rates, segments, and codes (segments & codes are the same thing). I need to align the segments and codes that match. IF the code & segment match then they need to align with the cost and supplier for that destination, (which is...
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    If/then statements

    Hello, I am trying to align a column of data with a neighboring column so that the data is in one continuous row. For instance, this is how the data looks now: Bill (e.g. A2 5 (neighboring column, one space down. e.g. B3) Chrissy 8 (neighboring column, one space...
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    Match and align rows with column B

    (If a thread already exist, please just direct me to it - I could not find one) I have a master list that contains data in column A and B (not alphabetic nor in numeric order , but in a particular order) I then have data in several columns of which the first column contains the same data as...

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