1. S

    Formula to convert American Date to Uk Date

    Hi, What formula is best to convert an American date to Uk date? ie 8/13/2019 to 13/08/2019 8/7/2018 to 07/08/2018 thank you
  2. T

    How to make user input .Value entered as specified British date format and not auto-ing to American

    For example I enter 01/05/19 The 1st of April 2019 in my userbox Exit the macro 05/01/19 is entered in the cell instead. Sheets("View").Range("B3").Value = Me.Specifictext.Value I can only assume this is a Microsoft feature that reverts the value to American.
  3. M

    Blank/Zero cell need info copied from a certain cell to corresponding one

    So I have a spreadsheet doing several things, but here is what I'm stuck on. In column H {min #} if it is blank (or I can have the person put a 0), I need it to copy the number that is in the corresponding cell from column J {max #}. So say for row 7 american white pelican it is blank {min #}...
  4. C

    Nested Excel Function

    I have the 6 columns that I need to include in an IF formula that I am having issues with. Column A is Ethnicity,Values are "Y" for Yes and "N" for No Column B is America Indian, Values are "0" mean not American Indian and "1" meaning person is America Indian Column C is Asia, Values are "0"...
  5. N

    If Cell has text in a list, return cell address of LIST match.

    Hello all, I've been all over the internet trying to figure this out and I could be making this way harder that it is at this point. On Sheet 1, I have cell in A1 with a long string " Am grow NHQ Dep: American Growth Type: Liquid State CO : Am Grow". On Sheet 2 in column A of words starting...
  6. C

    Calculating in Access Reports with Multiple Criteria

    I have a database made up of the following fields and queried out with the following. The query works fine but I am having problems getting things to calculate properly in my report StudentID BldgNo - MealStatus = Free or Reduced Ethnicity = African American Has IEP = Y I need my report to...
  7. L

    Issue with American Format when VBA "Find and Replace"

    Hey there, Apologies, this seems very stupid. I am fully aware of the issue with the American date when using VBA find and replace function. I have read about it and took onboard that others suggested, but it still doesn't work for me. I might be doing something very silly here, but any chance...
  8. G

    American vs Australian Date Format Issue

    Hi there I export dates from a program, which generates the dates in a mm/dd/yyyy format. Problem is I'm in Australia and need it to be dd/mm/yyyy. I cannot change the export settings. Is there a way I can convert the dates with a formula or similar? The problem I have is some dates end up...

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