1. T

    Macro to pull all amounts into a message box or userform and ask me which ones to edit etc

    Hi Everyone, I have a list of direct debits, sometimes I need to edit or adjust the amount i'm paying for one or more of them for that month I need a macro that can ask me which ones I want to change and by how much and then add reduce the following months amount by that amount? So here in...
  2. T

    Calculation including two cells if both have data or one

    I need to create a spreadsheet to calculate the total of two or three cells depending on whether just two or all three contain data. A3 contains an amount of money B3 contains a number from 1-12 C3 contains another amount of money (if input) The total in D3 will either be A3*B3 or A3*B3+C3...
  3. J

    Index/Match and Concatenate

    Hello: I have a list of first and last names and amounts in a range. I want to find the amount that corresponds to both the first and last names and return that value. I've used Index/match in the past when there was only the last name and it worked fine. Now, when I added the first name, I...
  4. J

    Count # of days listed for month/year

    Hi! I have column A:A as date (dd/mm/yyyy) from Sales entry*, column B:B as amount and D1 through D12 are months & years (11/2018, 12/2018, 01/2019, 02/2019....) How do I calculate the sales entry by month and year in column D? *Note: No sales entry date if the amount is 0 or store is closed...
  5. F

    VBA Vlookup help

    Im looking for a VBA code that works like Vlookup. Lookup data= A:B (D1) is a dropdown list of A:A (E1) is a manual input of a number. When the Macro is ran, I want it to search for (D1) in column A:A and increase the amount in the corresponding B:B column by the amount in (E1). <tbody> A B C...
  6. T

    Macro to change amount of next bill and carry it forward

    Hi Everyone, Ok so a bit of a strange one i'm doing a Billing cycle that shows how much is owed but i need to be able to adjust the amounts and could do with a macro to help. So I have three ranges we take to take into account. AC10:AC26 is my indicator for what we are goig to change. Z10:Z26...
  7. S

    INDEX and MATCH Function

    I am trying to use the INDEX and MATCH function to look up a date within a range to bring back a annual salary amount. Here is the LOOKUP table which is on a sperate tab in the workbook call Pay_Scales: Annual Salary Start Date End Date 46395 2018-12-17 2019-05-02 47789...
  8. apgmin

    Loan amortisation

    When we give a loan to a friend, the payments are at most erratic, some months they repay the exact emi, some months they skip all together and some months the pay excess. now most of the loan amortisation tables show the month of payment, emi amount, principal deducted, interest deducted and...
  9. J

    VBA Copy & Paste Data Loop

    Hello, I am looking for VB code to copy data from one sheet, and paste it onto another sheet in a different format. Here is the current format: <colgroup><col width="70" style="width: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2560;"> <col width="88" style="width: 66pt...
  10. K

    Macro to mulitply a cell by 1,000

    Need a macro that multiples the value in a cell by 1,000. Sometimes the cell value is a positive amount, other times it’s a negative amount. If a cell has a value of 8, I recorded a macro that does F2, *1000, then home, then +. The macro works fine and returns 8,000. But when the cell has a...
  11. B

    Formula help needed

    So, I have a several locations. Lets say Phoenix, Goodyear, Avondale. For each location, they could have a number; 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Keep in mind, the location and numbers can be listed multiple times on this sheet. So what I need is, for the Location of Phoenix, what is the total amount for...
  12. C

    Summarize data with multiple criteria

    Hi, I need help to summarize data as shown in picture. sum up duplicate invoices amount. Thanks [/URL][/IMG]
  13. Z

    cell value format

    Hello, i'm using the below table to track monthly sales, i inserted a slicer with the data in order to auto filter based on my selection, in the lookup column (index formula & slicer used) i cant or don't know how to get (Quantity-Amount or %) with its cell format, example: if i want to select...
  14. W

    How to use nested IF statement with a running total?

    I am trying to use a nested IF statement but I can't get it to work. <tbody> Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Amount 0 15 34 54 67 88 Running total 0 0 2 3 4 </tbody> In cell H34 (running total for 2013 = 0): =IF(G34<>0;0; IF(G33+H33>50;1; IF(H33+G33>70;2; IF(H33+G33>150;3...
  15. V

    Append table with another table and user input

    Hello guys, I have an issue which I assume is very simple yet I can't seem to figure it out. (Just started learning Access a few weeks ago) I have a table called Table1 with the following columns: <tbody> ID (autogenerated) SUB Month Total Comments 1 GOP 1901 500 Payment 2 GAP 1901 600...
  16. J

    VBA Compare 2 lists and isolate 2 types of differences

    Hi folks, I regularly have to compare 2 report lists (approx 10,000 rows on each report) that are nearly identical. However, there are always 3 types of differences (sorry my title says just 2 I couldn't edit it) throughout and I currently spend a lot of time finding/listing these differences...
  17. H


    I have a column of number values and need to find a give amount which could be a multiple of 1 or more of those numbers. Is this possible in excel?
  18. M

    Unique by month management fee in a pivot table

    Hello everyone, I'm struggling with a problem on a pivot table. I have some data that looks like this <tbody> Date Month Management fee Client Billing amount 01/01/19 January 200 Client 1 500 01/01/19 January 250 Client 2 250 01/02/19 January 200 Client 1 560 01/02/19 January 250...
  19. V

    How to get Float type from general type in VBA

    Hi, I want to extract amount value in my worksheet. So every number after $ is to be shown in output and their is an edge case whenever the number is less then 1 it should be shown in output . I have created a dollarperc function in VBA to get the output. It's working whenever i encounter a $...
  20. MFish

    Able to individually pull data out of a table, along with the full amount?

    Hi there, I have this code that's corresponding to a table that pulls the total amount but I'd like to know if there is a way to also make an additional table that you can "edit" or press a button/search bar to look for a person's name/employee # and it pulls just their data? My goal of this...

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