1. T

    Can't find the ampersand character in a character string

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2016 and am trying to find the ampersand character (&) in a cells that are just characters. There is no = at the beginning of the string. Something like Victory & International. I've googled for that and didn't find anything the pertains to my situation. So, how do I...
  2. J

    Duplicates values when using the "&" to join results

    Hello Guys, here is the situation: I created a formula to extract the date on a string of text from any position, and I used the IF function to show the same value is the Date is not in the text. Here is the example: FORMULA...
  3. H

    Use ampersand to change year in formula

    I have the following formula =INDEX('[Sales Report2019.xlsm]Sales by month'!$A$11:$N$11,MATCH('[Sales Report2019.xlsm]Sales by month'!B1,'[Sales Report2019.xlsm]Sales by month'!$A$1:$M$1)) I have the year in Q1 I would like to use an ampersand to combine the year in the formula with the...
  4. Z

    Ampersand from another sheet and keeping two different text colors VBA

    Hi Im trying to get a code that can take data from multiple cells from sheet1 and place them in the same cell on sheet2 but the tricky part is keeping the same colors of the text from sheet1. For example sheet one A1-Roses A2-Are Read should read on sheet2 A1-RosesAre Red
  5. gheyman

    & Ampersand in Lable

    Is there a way I can use an Ampersand in my label?
  6. B

    Ampersand use within formulas.

    Can someone please explain why this formula doesn't work? "=SUM(D&A1&":D"&A2)" Where A1 and A2 equal numerical values that can be changed based on the users sum range desire. Thanks!
  7. G

    Ampersands and formulae

    Hi all, This may be too general of a question but I am trying to understand the syntax for chopping together multiple references within a formula using ampersands. I'll give a quick random example. I have a list in column A and I want to sum some portion of that list. The portion I want to sum...
  8. M

    How to insert Symbol Ampersand into ButtonName in VBA

    Hello, How can I insert a "&" symbol into the text of a ButtonName dialog?. My formula is set to name the button but when displayed, "P&L" becomes "PL". Here is part of the formula that I need to edit. Do I use CHAR function? fDialog.ButtonName = "Upload selected P&L file" Thanks for your...
  9. J

    Preserve percent sign values in VBA code?

    Hello All, I have a code that opens outlook and pulls data from cells to send an email. There are cells that contain a percent sign (%). I want that to be preserved when it transfers to email, but it doesn't. I've noticed it also does that with the ampersand(sp?) sign. I realize these are...
  10. T

    Using variable cell reference in vba to insert formula

    Hi, I think I'm nearly there with this, but just need a bit of help tweaking it to make it work. I'm wanting to use vba to add an indirect formula in a range of cells with a lastrow variable. So far I have this, but I can't get the last row variable to work. When I set the Range as (D20:F30)...
  11. T

    Using a varialbe in a cell reference

    Hi, I'm trying to use a variable as a cell reference in a formula using '&', but can't seem to get it to work. I've looked through the forum, which have examples of how to do this using a range, but not just as a single cell reference. This puts the formula '=VLOOKUP("A & lastrow &"" ...
  12. R

    Using Ampersand & Date Function

    How to avoid getting a serial number format if I need to join a date with Ampersand. For example in on column I had a date and the other column I had a text and I want to join the date and text using ampersand. I want my cell to have something like : 12/13/13 - WEEK 2 Thanks.
  13. S

    + and - signs in &/CONCATENATE formula

    Hi all - first post here! (i.e. first time I can't find a solution by searching - this forum has saved my life more times than I can count...) I'm making a dashboard intended to track a bunch of metrics at once. For one of the charts, I'm using the below formula to create the series labels...
  14. 5

    Drop Down List (w/auto Suggest??) & Ampersand

    :help: As Long as Im asking, Ill go for the 2 for 1 ! <smile> 1) Is there a way to make a cell (I assume it would be a drop down list) do something like a smart fill; auto fill/ auto suggest/ auto complete" function as Im typing in what I want? and ... 2) (Short Version: How can I use the...
  15. N

    Comparing values which include an ampersand &

    I have a stack of CSV files that I need to import data from. I have obtained code that will open the CSV, and written code to read a cell in the file then search the destination for the value read from that cell. If it finds the term in question it imports the associated data into the existing...
  16. J

    If there's not an ampersand, I want cell to be empty - it gives me #VALUE! instead

    Hey all, This is pretty much complete. The only issue I'm having is that if there's not ampersand, then just make the cell empty. Rather, it gives me VALUE error: =LEFT(A1,IF(ISERROR(FIND("&",A1,1)),"",FIND("&",A1,1)-1)) It doesn't like "" for some reason. Any other way to make the cell...
  17. M

    Ampersand "&" and footers

    I want to use "E&T" in my footer, however, the T ends up as a time stamp. I have tried many variations, with no success. Can someone please help / advise.

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