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    New Analyst - New Problems

    Hello all, I am a recent college grad (<12mo) and recently began a new career as an analyst. I am working on a simple macro to change and move data into a uniform format and have run into a small snag. I am attempting to get the macro to completely skip blank cells (and preferably delete the...
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    Varying Rows Converted to Columns

    Good Morning, I have a report I pull that has a basic data structure of the table below. I have masked and simplified the data. <tbody> ID Sub_ID User Role 1 A Person1 Supervisor 1 A Person2 Analyst 1 B Person3 Assistant 2 C Person4 Supervisor 2 C Person5 Analyst 2 C Person6...
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    Choose line label according to two-parameter lookup

    Hello guys, Every month I need to distribute a number of companies to be assessed by diferently graded analysts. This distribution is based on a matrix that attributes authority according to the internal rating/grade that a given company has and also what exposure that company holds. <tbody>...
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    How to Check DUPLICATE Rows

    Is there a macro or other Excel resource I can use to check for duplicate values entered in a row? Each row contains about 15 cells so I need to know if there are any instances of all 15 cells being identical. Some information will be duplicated however we're trying to identify the line...
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    What skills are important to become a data analyst?

    Hello everybody! I hope this is the right session. I was thinking, apart from an excellent knowledge of the tools, what you think are the skills that a good data analyst should develop? I mean like interpersonal skills for example. The more specific you are the better, i am thinking about this...
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    ModelOff 2014 - starts 25th October!

    Welcome to ModelOff 2014 - the 3rd Annual Financial Modeling World Championships. After the success of Alex Gordon (NZ) in 2012 and Hilary Smart (UK) in 2013, we're on the hunt for our newest World Champion! If you are or know someone talented in Excel, spreadsheets, and financial modeling...

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