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  1. M

    Combining an IF Statement with multiplication

    Greetings, I am trying to find a formula that will allow me to do the following: If the value in A1 = 'A' then multiply B1 by .2 If the value in A1 = 'B' then multiply B1 by .15 If the value in A1 = 'C' then multiply B1 by .1 Here is the formula that I have put together, based on my research...
  2. C

    Find in a range

    Hi everybody im new here and I already have a question for you guys So I gotta find mif a cell is between a range of numbers Something like IF a1>=100 but <400 then 50, if a1<400 but <600 then 100, if a1 <600 but >800 then 150 Hope you guys understand I just need that Excel give me a number...
  3. D

    Nested if - is this doable?

    I have a spredsheet were I need to to do two tests, and bring back one of three results. Consider this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 359pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=478 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 71pt; mso-width-source...
  4. Johnny Thunder

    ISERROR Comment

    Hello Friends, I am using this formula: =IF(AND(J2<>"C1313000",J2<>"C1313001"),VLOOKUP(H:H,DEfinitions!A:B,2,0),"") And what it says is; If you see the "C1313000" or "C1313001" don't do the Vlookup and return blank. but now I need to be able to also say in the same formula if you do the...
  5. T

    Help with COUNTIFS formula (I think!)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum as I've got a bit stuck on a spreadsheet I'm working on. I work for a small charity that specializes in sending volunteers abroad on community led projects. I've always kept a spreadsheet of all the applications I receive over the course of a season (1st...
  6. J

    Multiple if problem

    Excel 2003 Current formula =IF(B6<=80,B8+J3,IF(B6>80<161,B8+J4,IF(B6>160<241,B8+J5))) I need the object cell to display the sum of B6 and one of the 3 conditions, which ever one is correct. All I can get is FALSE.
  7. Q

    HELP! Returning Value between 1 and 3

    Hello, It would be great if anyone could help me =] So sheet 1 has a list of chemical codes and next to each chemical code shows its corresponding quanityt. I want cell A2 in sheet 2 to look at A1 of sheet 2 (a specific year: 2007), and if this is the correct year then I...
  8. S

    More than 30 logical expressions in AND -- Quandry

    Hello, I have a formula which goes something like this =IF(D7="Yes/No?","Select Yes or No on Instruction sheet", IF((D7="Yes")...
  9. K

    If / And formula issues

    I am trying to use a formula to determine if the current time is between two set times (6:30 AM & 3:30 PM), if it is I would like the cell to display "1st" else I would like it to display "2nd". I have the following formula in cell C1 and I have the Now() function in cell K1 with the format of...
  10. G

    Use Variable in AND formula in excel

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the syntax to retrieve the value of a variable and use it in an AND formula in excel. This is my current code: Sub Module1() Dim RowNdx As Long Dim ConfMonth As String Dim DelPrevMs As String Dim ConfirmDel As String Application.DisplayAlerts =...

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