and function

  1. C

    nested IF statement

    =IF(AND(E7<=1,F7>=1),"pass","fail") I want the above statement to only be performed if C7 and D7 are not blank and do not contain NA In the same statement I want NA as a result if C7 and D7 contian NA or are blank Can anyone help?
  2. M

    If and or function problem

    So far my formula does the following: If cell "E19" = 11 and "F19" = 11 Display what is in cell A42 in sheet Working Strategy Otherwise Do the sum cell "D22" - "B19" in sheet Working Strategy Here is the following formula:- =IF(AND(E19=11,F19=11),'Working...
  3. M

    If and or functions help!!!

    EXCEL 2010 I am trying to do the following IF in sheet "Main Console" cell "E19" displays an 11 and "F19" Displays a 9 OR cell "E19" displays a 9 and "F19" displays an "11" AND cell "G19" displays a 3 show the following - 20% otherwise display blank Here are the formula's I have tried...
  4. C

    IIf and statement in MS Query

    Hoping someone can help me. I am using MS Query to pull data in from an Access DB. I need to create a excel equivalent 'If AND' statement in ms query. iif(and([CLCall]=1,[CLCall]=2),1,0) But get a syntax error each time. What am I doing wrong, pls help....
  5. C

    Complicated IF statement

    Hi All, I am trying to create a IF that has a nested AND. (i think) The steps it needs to take are as follows... 1. checks GDueDate is >=TODAY()+10,"Ten Day Plus", 2. checks GDueDate is >=TODAY()+3,"Three Days Warning", 3. checks GDueDate is >TODAY(),"Standard Due Today", 4.a checks...
  6. L

    "AND function" with 3 tests doesn't work in conditional formatting

    Hi folks I have a worksheet with a table to control class days of english teaching. These are the columns: Status | Customer | Class Code | Date | (...) On another worksheet I have a structure of a calendar. I would like to use conditional formatting to paint the backgrounds of the...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    Repeat cell reference until blank cell is reached then skip one cell down and use new cell reference. Using formula not VBL

    Repeat cell reference until blank cell is reached then skip one cell down and use new cell reference. Using formula not VBA Hello, I have a list that looks like this. Column A Column B (Formula) (Names) a2_______ John a3...
  8. J

    Insert additional IF function

    I want to insert an additonal IF statement into the formula below. i.e.) League=B15 - (League is the name of my named range) I want it to work like an IF(AND ..just need to make sure I insert in the right spot...
  9. W

    Ranges in AND or OR (nice and simple Q)

    Hi guys, Is there any way to use ranges in AND and OR? For example: Currently using: OR(A1="",B1="",C1="",D1="") Would like to use something to the effect of: OR(A1:D1="") Is this possible? (keeping in mind I want to use less code) Cheers
  10. SewerUrchin

    Non-reconciling formula in Nested IF AND statements

    Hello: I worked for over an hour last night trying to get this darn formula to work and have been unsuccessful. I know it is probably something stupid, but my brain won't get to the solution for some reason. I split my home with another and we use a list to keep track of expenses that we both...
  11. Y

    Conditional formatting with many if's and ands, etc.

    Hello All, :help: I don't even know if this is possible:confused:... I'm on Excel 2000. Here is the image link: What I want to accomplish: When the number in Columns B and D are above the "Goal" number in row 8 for each individual...
  12. D

    CountIFS OR not AND

    Need help on how to make a CountIFS count if it meets one of my criterias OR another intead of AND another. The data is words not numbers. Thanks for any help!
  13. M

    how do I "SUMIF" multiple conditions are true?

    I'm trying to sum the values in a column if 2 different conditions (in 2 other columns) are true (so I'm evaluating 3 columns total). For example, if I had a list of the prices of all the cars available at a dealership (each car listed on a different row), and I wanted to find the total cost...

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