and statement

  1. A

    Help for Nested Conditionals (IF/AND/OR/SUMIF etc.)

    Hello and Good Day! I have an issue with writing a proper conditional formula in Excel, so please help me Elaborating my issue, Column A are Fruits; They either have "Oranges", "Apples", or "Pears" Column B are Client's Names I'll input the gross income on C Result for net income will be...
  2. R

    IF statement followed by a SUM

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create a formula to look into a box and sum up how many of x application are within a certain column. So for example i have the below <tbody> Username Notes Resolution User1 This is the notes field where application thisisapplication1 is held as proof for blah YES...
  3. D

    Additional Criteria for If Statement

    Hello all! I am looking for help on expanding the logic on an If function I have. I am looking to create my own unique identifier for my data based on similar data in different columns. For example I start in A2 putting 1 under ID. In A3 I enter the following formula...
  4. S

    IF AND OR statement

    Hi, I have been working on this formula for hours and cannot get it right. Please help! Column C has either TRUE or FALSE. Columns L and M have either a number or #N/A (depending on whether there was a number on the source data - this data has come from a vlookup). What I want, in column N...
  5. T

    Need AND in Macro between two IFS

    Please can someone help me to work out how to change this macro so that both statements need to be true, rather than both running but bringing back results of both: Sub CopyAtt1() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.StatusBar = "Please be patient..."...
  6. S

    Calculating whether a person has upgraded between lists

    Hello, I am trying to write a formula that isn't a gigantic IF statement to calculate whether a person has upgraded their type of house or not within a time period. The below are the names of the types of housing. I have two of these lists, the first is from the beginning of the time period...
  7. M

    Macro Help - IF statement with OR and AND

    Hi I'm struggling to create a macro that will check each cell in Columns B and E and do the following: if cell in column B = London or Washington or Paris or Brussels (there are dozens of cities but I won't list them all)! and if cell in column E is blank then insert "text" into column E...
  8. Johnny Thunder

    Excel 2010 - IF/AND Statement with multiple variables

    Hello all, I am working on a little bit of a crazy formula and have come to a road block. Hopefully someone knows of a solution or even another way to write this formula. So here goes, Formula A...
  9. M

    IF & AND Excel Statment/s - New User Help Needed

    Hi, I've got a problem with an IF/And Statement and do not know if this the correct function to use. Basically I'm trying to say two things in Cell E2: IF the date in column C2 is greater than column A2 it is Late, if not its on time AND If the time in column D2 is greater than column B2 it is...
  10. M

    logical functions IF, OR, And trying to get 4 different results and reference 4 different cells with the result in on cell

    Please help What I am looking for is that I have a sheet that has grades. I have it in 4 sections for quarterly. I am trying to do is in B1 is reference 4 different cells and determine 4 different results according to the data is these cells and copy from another 4 cells depending on the...
  11. F

    Nested IF function Help

    Hi all, I am trying to use a nested IF function but it won’t work (most likely user error) I was hoping for some direction in getting the function to work the way I want it. I am using Excel 2007. I have two sheets of data Sheet 1 <tbody> a b c d e Site des rep LOTU count...
  12. R

    Multiple If Statement with number range

    Hi, I am trying to enter a multiple if statment and having a little bit of trouble. I am working with Windows XP Prefessional and Excel 2007 My report is looking for formula on weather the goal has been met. The goal met column (A2) has figures that range from -257 to 114. I need a formula...
  13. R

    If statement/and statement with 4 possible results with numeric range

    Hi, I am working on a report and need some assistance. I am working with Windows XP Professional and Excel 2007. My report is looking for a formula that will reflect if the goal is in jeopardy of being missed. If cell A2 = "COMP" the result should be "NO" If cell A2 = "PENDING" and cell B2 is...
  14. D

    Sum if.... array... and statement..

    I have been trying to figure out how to make the following sumif formula (if sumif is can even be used in this circumstance) to work all day... In the tab I want to do the sum if formula in, the MRNs are in one column, comprising all of the rows (lets say A1 is the header MRN, A2 - A100 are all...
  15. C

    Setting filter property with AND

    I have a database with a bunch of columns in it. One is named Group, and is a number. Another is named Master and is Yes/No. I am trying to set the filter property on a form to give me Group 1 and all the Master that are Checked/Yes/True. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  16. Z

    Why doesnt this formula work?

    What is wrong with this formula...
  17. A

    Should this be an IF AND statement or not?

    So I'm working on a spreadsheet and have written an IF AND statement which works 50% of the time. I'm not sure if I should be using If AND or if something else is more appropriate. I have two cells that each have two options from a drop down list. What I want is "if A1 = x and A2 = y then enter...
  18. A

    IF AND OR statements in VBA

    Hi All, I have the following IF statement as a formula in Excel: =IF(OR(K2="JPY",I2="JPY"),"USDJPY",IF(OR(K2="EUR",I2="EUR"),"EURUSD",IF(OR(K2="CHF",I2="CHF"),"USDCHF",IF(OR(K2="CAD",I2="CAD"),"USDCAD",IF(OR(I2="GBP",K2="GBP"),"GBPUSD",IF(OR(I2="AUD",K2="AUD"),"AUDUSD")))))) I want to be able...
  19. F

    If And Or Formula

    Hi! I am trying to build a if/and/or formula that i am having some trouble with. Currently i have the below formula that works =IF(CAPI?="no",FLOOR(((Annual_Constraint-H19)/(1+G18)),5000),IF(OR(CAPI?="yes",CAPI_YRs=1,CAPI_YRs=2,CAPI_YRs=3),0,FLOOR(((Annual_Constraint-H19)/(1+G18)),5000)))...
  20. Johnny Thunder

    IF/AND Statement

    Hello friends, I am coming to you with a IF/AND Statement question. I have two rows of data and this is my formula. =IF(AH2="<NO item fs>",H2,AH2) what I need to happen after this formula is IF the cell does contain "<NO item fs>" then I want it to return the criteria in cell H2 but I...

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