and statements

  1. S

    Hefty IF Statemnets

    Hi There, I have an IF statement that currently has 10 IF statements within...
  2. L

    Display Text IF Statement

    I'm trying to display which quarter throuout a shift an error was made. I can get Q1 and Q2 to work but for whatever reason Q3 and Q4 returns #Value! as the result. Formula...
  3. A

    IF/AND Statement with Multiple Conditions

    Greetings, I could certainly use some expert help with this formula. I am trying to accomplish the following: If Cell H7 < 0, then put in "q" If Cell H7 is greater than 0 and less than 1, put in "u" If Cell H7 is greater than 1 and less than 5, put in "{" If Cell H7 is greater than 5, put in...
  4. R

    Nested IF Statement Not Working

    I am having issues with the following if statement. E68 is a calculated result =IF(E68<1.01,1.01,E68), IF(E68>=1.04,1.04,E68) Essentially it is <1%=1% or >4%=4% (a minimum and a maximum) Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
  5. F

    If/then statements in multiple cells

    I'm trying to figure out how to write a formula for the following: I have data in cells d12, d13 and d14. If the number in each of those cells is 6.5 or higher then I need the words "Meets Criteria" to appear in cell d11; if the number is lower than 6.5 in any of those cells then the words...

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