1. T

    Musings on behavior of external references in cells in OneDrive shared workbook on Windows/Android

    I don't really have a question here, just wanted to share this experience, partially as a warning, but if you have any comments on how to improve, please post! Its a bit hard to describe but i'll try to simply. Its "complex and intricate"...and unfortunately "irregular and unpredictable" in...
  2. K

    Help with Excel app on android

    I have a spreadsheet with dropdown boxes and related vlookup cells. I cannot seem to be able to use this on my android phone, any help would be appreciated
  3. T

    VBA: Refreshing a shared workbook from internet

    I have a workbook on OneDrive that is shared. The workbook is open both on my PC and on my Android phone and i update it from both places. When i'm on my PC, i hit the Save button and that updates any changes from the Android copy...but it takes a few seconds. There is some latency...
  4. Q

    Filtering in one row

    Hello, i need help in this please <tbody> <tbody> name </tbody> <tbody> type </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> android </tbody> <tbody> John </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> John...
  5. N


    This might be an old one and if so I apologise. I am looking at running data capture systems on android tablets (that's what the company has), however I want to make this as "idiot proof" as possible. Ideally I would like a macro that can be embedded within xl which - via a command button -...
  6. E


    Hi, Is it possible to sync an excel file on the computer with an excel file on android phone? Thanks
  7. D

    MS Excel App Not Working on Android Oreo

    Can anyone please assist me? The MS Excel app is constantly crashing upon updating my Google Pixel XL from Android Nougat to Android Oreo. Please help.
  8. G

    Problems sharing .xls spreadsheet via WhatsApp

    Hello everybody. Many thanks for accepting me on this forum. This is my first question, so please forgive me if I'm not good enough at asking. I've saved a spreadsheet in the old format .xls on my MacBook and shared it via WhatsApp. Some of the recipients have informed me that the file is not...
  9. R

    Excel for Android issues.

    I have MS Word and Excel for Android on my new Android tablet (Samsung) I'm a musician who wants to use it on stage. On a Win PC I worked out an elegant little spreadsheet that allows me to see my set lists and punch up the charts for it with a tap using a hyperlink to a docx file. No...
  10. H

    Excel Android App HELP!

    Help needed with this one please everyone.... Is there a way I can restrict cell access on the Android excel app? That's it! Thanks Pau
  11. R

    Excel slab calculations

    Sir I have ranges Slab units Bonus 0-50. 5 50-100. 7 100-250. 10 250-300. 12 Apart from that minum bonus should be it means 15 units after only the slab will come to effect E.g. Slab 10 units 75 11. 75 14 units 75 ...... 15 units 75 16...
  12. R

    SQL reports

    Sir we are using sql servers when we get repprt I will copy the web page content to excel sheet by paste option if I paste as values it is only taking count function I am not performing any other operations on it match source content only option showing in office 2013 can I convert them forcelly...
  13. R

    Text software's

    I have so many text reports and unnecessary details and should work with excel pivot for reports I have 6 rows headings below that there will be data E.g. Section. Ob Area. Debit City. Credit Amount. Amount Deposit. Balace Asia. 10000 India. 500...
  14. R

    Excel macro button

    I will enter data in a row I select that row when I click the macro button the row should sit on next sheet first row and should increment daily E.g. name, service_no, load, deposit, section When the details are entered in the first sheet and submit button clicked the load sheet will have to...
  15. R

    Searchable drop list custom range

    I have huge amount of data i need a macro so that I can select the range the searchable combo box can be placed
  16. R

    Rounding in pivot table calculated field

    I used round formula in calculated field I am not getting rounded amounts totals down instead of reference total is.rounding E.g. A. Calculated field A(rounded to nearer rupee) 10.4. 10 10.4. 10...
  17. A

    How to hyperlink multiple phone numbers

    I have an Android phone and I have an excel sheet with a list of names + phone numbers. I would like to be able to click on the phone number in the excel spreadsheet on my phone and it will open up the phone app, and then I can hit "call". I figured out how to do it for 1 number, but the problem...
  18. D

    Building an app from an Excel sheet

    [Cross-posted from Excel Forum.] Hi there, A couple of months ago I reached out to the community and asked whether some spreadsheets would work better as apps. For us, the answer is obvious, as we have helped create apps based on Excel sheets for years, mostly for hospital use. We've seen...
  19. D

    Are some spreadsheets better as apps?

    [Cross-posted from Excel Forum.] Wouldn't it be preferable to distribute some calculations as apps instead of spreadsheets? I'm specifically thinking of "spreadsheet templates" that are typically created by one person or one team for use by others. In these spreadsheets, some cells are...
  20. J

    Run VBA/macro (Excel 2007) on Adriod Tablet

    I'm hoping it's possible to run an xlm Excel file VBA / macro code on Adriod tablet, during a job interview situation, in order to showcase my work. Is this technically feasbile ? I don't want to bring a lap-top, for fear of the hassle the interviewer wants me to modify the code on the spot...

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