1. DataBlake

    Creating Parent - Child Data [VBA]

    Hello all, I'd be super glad if someone could help me come up with a way to create multiple part numbers using two qualifiers from a single line so lets say i have this product which would be the parent on Sheet1 <tbody> partnum brand style color size1 size2 size3 angle reverse angle pattern...
  2. R

    Using SIN and COS in a formula

    I did math but it eludes me now so many years after school. In excel in need to work out a formula for calculating the height of piles without a dumpi level or any survey equipment but a tape measure. I have 2 sides and a right angle to work out the 3rd side. I can use the adjacent and...
  3. R

    match multiple columns

    Hello! I need help on using the match function across multiple columns. Here is my example: <tbody> Capacities Angle Angle Angle Width 0 deg 5 deg 10 deg 32 555 444 333 18 433 420 290 12 306 285 222 </tbody> <tbody> Capacity 315 Angle 10 deg </tbody> I want a cell to return...
  4. E

    Angle of Simple Moving Average line in excel

    I was hoping you good folks could help with a slope/angle question which has stumped me (I'm a complete newbie so bear with me): I have 2 columns: Col_A has time and Col_B has price and I'm able to plot these on a line graph and add a 7 point simple moving average (SMA_7) using the excel...
  5. S

    Finding true angle on a plot?

    Hi, Maybe this isn't an excel question, but perhaps you can help? How do we determine the angle between 2 plots (of a line), where the x-axis and y-axis has completely different Units and Scale? The arctan function requires a unitless argument to get a real angle, but if you take rise/run on a...
  6. S

    Angled Cell Fill

    I have an excel sheet with all cells the same size (20 pixel rows and columns). I have top borders on range C2:Z2 and F18:AJ18 and I inserted lines to connect the end points using alt key so the lines connect in the corner of the cell. For the cells that get cut by the straight line (that's on...
  7. O

    calculate chord when angle and radius are known.

    Trying to get a formula to calculate chord when angle and radius are known and would like to be able to calculate distance from chord to center of radius as well. Please......
  8. matthewlouis

    Stock Price Angle of Ascent

    Hello Experts, I am trying to calculate the angle of ascent of stock prices as I am looking for an alert once that angle is over 45 degrees. Is that what the slope formula calculates using price and time? Do I then need to convert the slope to degrees? Thanks in advance!
  9. M

    line of best fit, linear regression, angle of line of best fit - VBA

    Hello,I would greatly appreciate some help with this problem. I am using excel 2003, windows 7.I have been trying to work out which worksheet or vba function to use to calculate the following - but I just can't get the right answer. There are multiple facets to the vba sub I am trying to...
  10. J

    Calculating tangent angle of an elipse

    I have scoured this board for an answer. I wish to calculate the angle of the tangent of any point along an elipse. Creating the elipse was easy thanks to your assistance. I found a post with a formula to plot the X,Y coordinates of each point of an elipse using this formula and creating polar...
  11. S

    Determine Target Distance Given Depression Angle and Altitude

    Ok, I'm not a programmer and my excel skills are stretched to the max at this point. Problem I am in an aircraft with a camera, on a gimbal. I know my altitude, I know my depression angle of my camera, should be simple enough to find my distance. Unfortunately I have no idea how to...

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