api calls

  1. S

    Power Query - API Call from Web

    Hi, I am trying to get the minimum prices from winesearcher with an API call in power query. Here is the code: Xml.Tables(Web.Contents( "https://api.wine-searcher.com/x?api_key=???????? &winename=[Weingut] [Weinname] &vintage=[Jahrgang] &location=Europe &currencycode=EUR &bottle_size=b...
  2. T

    PowerQuery Error after reopening workbook "Authorization Error: The credentials for the source Web invalid."

    Hi All, I'd like to get the spotify web api data from the following link thru Excel PowerQuery web connector: Spotify API link I created a web query with the following code: let Bron = Json.Document(Web.Contents(functionGetNamedRange("SourceURL"), [Headers=[Accept="application/json"...
  3. K

    Get required Data from API based on Cell

    Hello all this is my first ever attempt to fiddle with APIs. I have vehicle registrations in Column-A cells and I want to use the UK, DVLA vehicle enquiry service API to get the "make" and "colour" in make and colour columns in excel. I have already applied for the API and have my own API now...
  4. J

    Iterate over API Call issue

    Dears, I need your help please in my issue," I'm new to DAX and I have tried many ways in this issue and nothing work with me", simply what I'm trying to do is to loop over my API to get the customer details. the API limit is 50 per page I manage to retrieve one page but when I wrote the...
  5. D

    Multiple Account API Calls

    I am running into trouble with a basic authorization API call: I have multiple accounts through the data source. When I run the below code, it will prompt me once for a singular login/password, but not again for the subsequent procedures. And while the initial API call works , it then assumes...
  6. S

    How to fix excel VBA to extract google cse JSON API results.

    Hi Friends, I have constructed list of Google CSE JSON API urls with keywords to extract Linkedin profiles data into excel. I have VBA script which can extract Google CSE ATOM results. But, unfortunately Google has change ATOM results to JSON API results. So, the script is not useful anymore...
  7. J

    MSXML2.XMLHTTP not refreshing or updating

    Hello, I have a query that connect to a API to update a set of data. The problem I am having is once the date first loads any further updates do not update. It is like the connections has been cache or something. Is there a way I can clear the cache so it will update every time it is run. A...
  8. A

    Weather Information into Excel using Openweather API Filterxml Webservice

    hi Need help with the following; it is clearly beyond me ! I have an API for openweather.org I can Paste the API info into a Browser and get a response back that looks like this; Webinfo...
  9. Nayasoch

    Select the same WorkBook in Background when Userform is Maximized

    Hi there I'm using userform for my Daily Routine with minimize button with following code Private Declare Function FindWindowA Lib "user32" _ (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long Private Declare Function GetWindowLongA Lib "user32" _ (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal...
  10. S

    Iterate through API and extract fields in Power Query in Power BI

    I’m trying to get all work items related to a Visual Studio Team Services board. I’m surprised there is no “Get all work items” query in the API that Microsoft has published here: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/integrate/api/wit/work-items So therefore I made a custom query in VSTS...
  11. H

    How do I use api keybd_event calls to simulate holding both CTRL & ALT down and press C

    Hi All, I am trying to open another application and it has a hot key (CTRL+ALT+C)to open regardless of which window is currently active. I want to activate that application which then puts the cursor in the first entry box and then send it keystrokes. I am able to manually use the hot key and...
  12. R

    The API function GetOpenFileName does not work in Excel 2010, but works in Excel 2007

    The function GetOpenFileName does not work in Excel 2010 (32 bit) in Windows 7, but does work in Excel 2007 (32bit) in Windows. The window does not open and returns "false" to Output. To test the code, you need to run the sub startit. The problem happens in thCommonFileOpenSave, Line containing...
  13. J

    vba calculation on bloomberg data

    Hi Guys, Urgently need help. I want to know if something is possible or not and if anyone has tried it? I want to find out the high and low of two contract prices by pulling data from bloomberg. Lets say, i want to pull out 30 days of Apple and RIMM stock prices through the vba code, check...
  14. D

    Query Google analytics data via there API

    I want to be able to query data from Google Analytics API into excel using VBA. I have tried Googling the web and this forum but all I can find is partial codes or Excel add-ins like "Automate analytics" which do not work for me because I want to query the data and then further write the macro...
  15. G

    Open Excel at Specific Time

    I created a macro that runs at a specific time of day a few weeks ago but it will only run if the excel program is open. Is there any way that if excel is not already running that I can have it open automatically a few minutes before my macro should run. I'm thinking it will have something to...
  16. W

    Positioning scrollbars in Excel 2010 VBA

    Hi, I need to switch User Forms programmatically from Left-To-Right to Right-To-Left. It is simple to change texts, lists, etc. But scrollbars in Combo Boxes remain on the same side, obstructing start of the listed items. In older versions of Excel, Combo (List) boxes had a "Scrollbar"...
  17. P

    GetScrollBarInfo API don't work

    Hi all, Somebody has a running example of GetScrollBarInfo API ? With my code, I get no results and a dll error 87. I'm trying to know if the scrollbars (in my case, the horizontal scrollbar) are showed in the main access window. I use GetScrollBarInfo. There are 2 days I'm, searching info...
  18. C

    Starting Search Companion with VBA

    Is there a way to do this? The user opens an excel workbook. in cell E17 on a sheet that is named "Work" is the name of the file w/o the extension. Example, file name is 123456Q1.xls in cell E17 is 123456 The user wants to find all files with 123456 in the file name in the Quote directory or...

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