1. S

    How to convert date

    Hi, I am downloading data from JDE in excel and dates are appearing like as follows, how to change them to normal DD/MM/YYYY ? 118362 119002 119246 119273 119316 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  2. J

    Ampersands Appearing in Formulas

    I have recently been experiencing something I have not seen in my fifteen years of working with Excel: @ signs are appearing in my workbooks formulas directly after the = sign. For example...
  3. S

    Changing Multiple Line to Single line

    Hi Guys I have an excel sheet where a User Name is appearing on multiple lines (See below) And we want it to appear as below
  4. C

    using ISERROR on IF AND statement

    Hi All Im trying to add the ISERROR syntax to the start of this formula in order to eliminate any #values appearing to no avail =IF(AND(L$5>=$C6,L$5<=$D6),$J6,"")*$K12 can anyone assist? thanks
  5. D

    I have gridlines appearing in my header image

    I add a image as a header and I have white gridlines appearing throughout the image. If I add the image just as an image, it is fine but if added through the insert header, it has the lines through it. How do I get rid of them?
  6. S


    I received an excel file contained 12000 rows after that gray area is appearing I tried to unhide that to see row No.12001 but not able to, please help to unhide the remaining rows
  7. I

    Retrieve letters before first number from string

    Hello I work with postcodes in various formats ie SE7 7AB or SE7; M20 1AB or M20 etc I would like to retrieve letters from the left appearing before first number. In the above it would be SE or M. Any suggestions?
  8. B

    Search and replace

    Hi, I am trying to search a text from a field and trying to copy it in next field. e.g the text appearing in A33 needs to be searched from b1:b32 and if found copy the entire text appearing in that filed to b33. is there is any VBA availabe.
  9. D

    My border won't appear

    My border won't appear. What setting do I need to change to get a border appearing?
  10. Caleeco

    Pivot Table Slicers - Only Display Items with values?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible in Excel, but I would find it very useful if it is! When using multiple slicers, often you'll end up with greyed out slicer buttons where data isnt available for the current filtered data. Is there a way to prevent these 'greyed out' options from even...
  11. M

    Cell Comparison and Display Value Yes Or NO

    I have multiple values in Rows and Columns in MS Excel 2010 as follow. I want to populate value Yes or No if any or multiple value appearing in Columns Headers are appearing in Row values Example shown below: <tbody> Value 709226000 <tbody> 726002000 </tbody> <tbody> 370235000 </tbody>...
  12. M

    AVERAGEIF - If criteria not met problem

    Hello everyone! I'm experiencing a problem with an AVERAGEIF formula. Let's say I have 10 columns and 5 rows with values ranging 1-5. What I want to achieve is the following: I want the average of values only from those rows where the value "1" isn't appearing. And for the rows where the value...
  13. B

    Cell to appear blank

    Hi There, I need help to make a destination cell appear blank until data is entered into another cell My formula is: =DATE(YEAR(T2)+3,MONTH(T2),DAY(T2)) So I currently have a random date appearing in cell U2 and I would like this to remain blank until I enter data into T2. TIA Becci
  14. B

    Copying data from one excel file to another

    Hello, I would like data appearing in one excel spreadsheet to appear on another excel spreadsheet automatically.

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