1. V

    Three spreadsheets to become one

    I keep records of electricity, gas and water consumption, which at the moment are on individual spreadsheets. I want to create a functioning spreadsheet of three original sheets to contain those I first mentioned. Copy and paste seems not to work, as each new item posted to the recipient sheet...
  2. D

    loop column with VBA, tell you how many times it appears

    i want a macro that loops through column F and then tells you if it appears more than twice and highlight those cells.
  3. S

    Total values based on text and date occurances.

    Hi, At the moment I have this formula to total number of times a word appears in a given date range. =COUNTIFS('Projects Tracker'!B20:B25000,">="&F8,'Projects Tracker'!B20:B25000,"<="&H8,'Projects Tracker'!F20:F25000, "*Sector: Corporate*") F8 = Start Date H8 = End date B20:B25000 = List of...
  4. K

    Times Numbered

    Hello! I am looking for a formula that lists a new number ever time a new time would appear. For example (7:16, 7:16, 8:34, 9:25 = 1,1,2,3) the only problem is, i need this to start over every time a new day appears in another column. i hope that's clear and that someone can help.
  5. T

    Is Countifs right you use?

    I’m trying to return the number of times a name appears in a range of cells based on the criteria of another cell. In column AT I have names of departments: Safety, Quality, FI, etc. In columns AX:BG I have a bunch of people’s names. On another sheet I’m trying to find how many times a name...
  6. S

    Move dataset to new column when descriptor appears

    Hi, I'm trying to move a dataset into a new set of columns every time a descriptor appears. More specifically, if you look at linked images, I would like to move the corresponding dataset to new columns every time the word "particle" appears. Linked image #1 ...
  7. L

    Concantenate problem

    Hi All , and thankyou in advance for looking at this problem. I am adding 2 cells together for an email address , first name , last name with a . inbetween , then the email address ;EG STEVE SMITH , it should read as However only on a few occasions there appears a space in...
  8. R

    Count number of times a specific text appears in a string & range

    I hope someone can help with this problem I am failing to find a solution for. I wish to count the number of times a specific text value appears in a range. The text itself will often be part of a string which will contain other information. Below is an example of the issue I am...
  9. N

    Noticed odd new functionality after upgrading to Excel 2016

    So in summary i'm entering name initials in a column, and excel appears to be calculating the rest of the coloumn for me, but then deletes it all again. Like a kind of autofill thing. How do I actually make use of this I can't figure it out. In a bit more detail, in column A i have 'Firstname...
  10. danhendo888

    How to convert number to date format after vlookup

    I am using two vlookups in one cell such that the two values are joined together by a space =VLOOKUP(….)&" "&(VLOOKUP(…) where the value returned appears as something like: CompanyName 43658 The 43658 is the value returned from a column of dates. Is it possible to change the 43658 to a...
  11. B

    saving hyperlinks between Workbooks

    I am having problems with losng my hyperlinks when I save the exel spreadsheet to another workbook name. Is there any way to save my hyperlink info to another workbook so it appears in the new workbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. T


    Looking for a formula that can extract from columns B, C and D every time the value 3 appears in column B & 4 appears in column C. The previous formula used was: {=IFERROR(INDEX(B$1:B$21,SMALL(IF($B$1:$B$21=$N$3,ROW($B$1:$B$21)),ROW(1:1))),"")} Which only dealt with one criteria, and in...
  13. A

    How to select all

    Dears, i create drop list by using data validation + used Vlookup (VLOOKUP(cell of drop list;the below range;2;FALSE) : <tbody> E drop list ( i need used "All" ) 5 vlookup ( i need all numbers appears ) </tbody> <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>...
  14. C

    Converting from General to Date Format - Hashtags

    Hi all I have a column of general formatted data which are dates displayed as yyyymmdd. When selecting 'Date' in the 'Format Cells' window, the sample output is hashtags and this is what appears in the cell if I press ok. I tried the 'Text to Columns' feature to convert to date but nothing...
  15. T

    Stuck for working out which formula i need

    I have multiple columns with alot of data in them. I want to know how many i need of specific items. my table currently looks like this <tbody> Week number Container type Times appeared 1 Grey Tray 10 Black box 5 </tbody> The times appeared column is calculated using countifs but it...
  16. J

    randbetween date?

    I want to generate random dates between two dates. I used the formula =RANDBETWEEN(DATE(2014,5,6),DATE(2016,4,23)). Then the number 41918 appears in the cell. What am I missing?
  17. S

    Repeat Digits Formula

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a formula that will calculate how many digits 0,1,2,3 repeated from the previous range. For example, Range Y1:AC1 contains the following: Y1= 2 Z1= 3 AA1=1 AB1=3 AC1=1 We have the values 2,3,1,3,1 in cell range Y1:AC1 In cell range Y2:AC2 contains the following...
  18. H

    conditional Formatting in certain text on a pivot Table

    I have tried to apply CF to use fill color Blue to Highlight Col A:C where "Total Sales WIP" appears in Col A It would be appreciated if someone could assist me, by providing the steps to do this
  19. R

    count the number of times a specific word appears in a range of cells

    In a range of cells, a1:f1 specific words may be entered. I want a siple count of the number of times a specific word appears in this range at cell G1. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  20. DPChristman

    Extracting names from either side of a comma

    This is something I thought I knew how to do, but it isn't working. I have a column in my spreadsheet with names in the Lname,Fname cormat (Example: Smith,John A) Say this data appears in cell A2. I thought the way to get is was <=RIGHT(A2,(FIND("",A2,1)-1))&" "&LEFT(A2,(FIND(",",A2,1)-1)) >...

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