1. diddi

    Append to pdf VBA

    Morning all. I am hoping to find advice for a Shell( ) or other method to add sheets to a pdf file. I have tried several pdf generators / merging programs that support command line, but cannot get any of them to work. I have a standard sheet which is filled by VBA and saved to PDF then...
  2. A

    Power query total table

    Hi, I have 10 tables which represents 10 regions all have individual files, the tables are the same in structure but obviously the values relate to each region. I have created connections for each file and then appended these to make one query table which is easy enough. However, I now...
  3. T

    Identify and substitute text pattern (LnnnnL)

    Hello folks, Bit of a strange one - I am working on correcting data inconsistencies in model numbers sent by an incorigible supplier. The goal is finding the following string within a cell and appending the letter X at the end: (letter)(4 consecutive numbers)(letter in defined list - [E,V]) ->...
  4. A

    How to know appended and merged queries

    hello All, I have many merged and appended queries. When ever I delete a related query it pops up that I can't delete because its dependent or merge with another query..Now how do I know and differentiate all those merged and appended queries? same as in Microsoft Access the relations are shown...
  5. A

    Extra column that can filter table name from Appended multiple tables

    Hi All, I have multiple tables Table A and Table B and I have appended those. Now the problem is that Appended query doesn't have A column that shows me a table name?? So I would like to have a column (Table Name) that can show me a table name. so that I can filter it later. Please help. Thanks...
  6. P

    Name ws with date based on cell

    I have 8 ws that I want to name based on the date in a cell range. these 8 ws would all start with the name "ChargeDetail" and I want to append from ws "Directions" cell O1 with it's date, then the next ws would be appended with the date in cell O2, etc. Thanks

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