1. M

    Noob Help Please

    I am hoping someone can help. It seems like such an easy thing to do and I just can't find the answer anywhere. So, I would like to search a range of cells F2:F6 (APPLICATION) for the word "Yes" The word will be returned in multiple cells and I would like to copy the B2:B6 corresponding cell...
  2. A

    SMS with App

    Hello All I want to open an application with any code in attached and want to send these number one by one through that application! That application is bushbullet, which linked with my mobile msg box! for more understanding! When I hit button in sheet that call...
  3. S

    Open Another Application by Excel with VBA

    Signal is generated in Excel Either Buy or Sell. The Vba should Open the Another Application Perform Functions Like enter amount, name,.....From Excel Only then Submit and Close. Wait for next Signal and Repeat the same Process Again.:)
  4. Nelson78

    Application.SendKeys "{TAB 2}" does not work

    Hello everybody. I'm a newbie about automating external application via sendkeys method. Now, I can get in the external application, I can write (for example "5"), but I cannot shift the focus two fields on the right (as I manually do without problem). I mean: nothing happens. Maybe somebody...
  5. R

    Barcode scanning application

    Hi Hope you are doing well!! I need to create an excel sheet for store support. Application details: I have a material which has a QR code and some Location racks with QR Code. Whenever i get the material to my store i will scan QR code in material and rack.this two data should be recorded in...
  6. C

    Bound vs. UnBound Forms

    So I created and administer an MS Access DB -- approximately 20 end users -- they each have an .accde FE on their desktops, while the back end sits on a network drive. The primary data entry form has approximately 70+ fields, with currently 50k plus records. There is a subform on this form as...
  7. E

    Can't copy and paste after using VBA code. Any help please

    Hello guys I'm so glad to be part of this forum and to learn and share excel best practices. I'm a novice in VBA and need some help on the following. I created a check-list with a multirow highlight feature through VBA that I got inspired from an amazing guy. However I can't copy and paste...
  8. JenniferMurphy

    UDF stops running if I hot-key to another task

    I have a UDF that does some iterative calculations. It can take anywhere from about 2 to 8-10 seconds to complete its work. The data, which I enter into an InputBox, comes from another application. If I hot-key over to the other application, the UDF stops running until I hot-key back. Is there...
  9. M

    Automation Error Exception Occurred

    Hi everyone I would like to ask a help regarding on Automation Error Exception Occurred. I have created an Excel application. Excep as a front end and Ms Access as a backend. Basically all the data that will input in the Excel userform will be exported to Ms Access. The application is running...
  10. V

    How can i replace this "a" without application ran code?

    How can i replace the bold part? Function test1234() Dim a As Long If ActiveSheet.Name = "Sheet1" Then Else End If a = Application.Caller.Row + 1 Do While Cells(a, 1).Value <> "Yes" If Cells(a, 2) = "Yes" Then Exit Do test1234 = test1234 + Val(Cells(a, 2).Value)...
  11. M

    Using Excel to close the correct word document

    I have been using Excel to create a report, that is then pasted into another application. Because of the restrictions of the other application, I need to copy the information from Excel, Paste it into Word, and then copy from Word to paste into the application. (it has to do with merged cells...
  12. skorpionkz

    [VBA] Toolbox show up for end user

    Hi all, I developed some User Forms base application in VBA excel. My question is not related to code. I am not sure what cause it, but some of end users can see Toolbox, even though then using application and don't even have developer screen opened. Is there any way to disable tool box, so...
  13. Y

    Counting Names in one column, only IF there is a date entered into another column

    Hi Guys, Just joined the forum so I could post a question as I've searched for an answer to this on the net and couldn't find it. I have a spreadsheet with employee names (Advisors) in one column (H) and when the advisor generates a new client application we put the application date in another...
  14. D

    Application defined or object defined error

    I had this line of code in my spreadsheet and it worked, it just printed the formula in the cell. .Range("J" & .Range("J" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row).Formula = "RC[-1]+RC[-2])" All I did was add = before the RC and it gave me an error. .Range("J" & .Range("J" &...
  15. J

    VBA Custom sort pivot field

    Hi, (Adjusted), I have the following code which custom sorts the given pivot field: Public Sub Pivot_Data() With Application .EnableEvents = False .ScreenUpdating = False .AddCustomList wMain.Range("List_Status").Value End With With wPivot1.PivotTables(1)...
  16. V

    Co-worker doesn’t know how to save

    My co-workers computer turned off due to a power outage and lost his file he was working on for hours and didn’t save. Is there an application code that can do create an if statement like If Application has been open for 20 minutes, msgbox “Save!!”
  17. R

    Recording a long formula is splitting it and destroying it

    Hi all, I'm trying to record a sumif with 6 different criteria pointing at different workbooks, when I record it, it seems to cut it after a point and replace a bunch of it with a " _ & " As a result, I think I fixed it with this but I still get application or object defined error...
  18. G

    How to show if open in browser or Excel application?

    I'm looking for a way to show if a file is open in a browser or if it is open in the excel application. Or alternatively, a way of ensuring the file opens in the application. My reasoning is that the file is a compiler and has macros which can only be run through the app and my colleagues...
  19. E

    Coding error with splash screen on open

    Hi all, I am using this code to open a workbook with a splash screen as follows. Unfortunately when I enter it and try to exit, I get an error which states: "Compile error: Ambiguous name detected: Workbook_BeforeClose" What should i do to correct it? Private Sub Workbook_Open() MSG1 =...
  20. H

    Application Goto Reference

    Hello, I created userform and added Application Goto reference in a code. The code is, when I add sheet name to the textbox5 then application goto reference goes to that sheet. But if that sheet doesn't exist, which code do I need to get msgbox that "sheet doesn't exist"? Please see below my...

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