1. W

    Countifs not referencing same cells and getting 0

    I am trying to use CountIfs and every thread I come across all reference when someone is trying to reference the same cells for different criteria, which I understand why that does not work. What I am trying to do is reference three columns all for different data, but I am getting zeros...
  2. M

    Worksheet Macro Analytics

    I've been working for months and months on a complex workbook designed for use by many different people in many locations within a large organization. Thanks to all of those whom helped me over the many hurdles I encountered! I know that there are 29 user forms and 14 modules (that's obvious)...
  3. L

    cool applications using vba

    Hi Once, I saw a site which has .xlsx files which demonstrate cool applications like Analog clock, games, digital clock, thermostat etc. I tried to google but no success. Have you seen such website or do you know one. Thank you so much.
  4. N

    Visual Basic

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question, if I have knowledge of VBA in Excel could i be certain to say that i know Visual Basic ...not for applications. Are they literally both the same programming language? Don't know if this makes sense lol
  5. T

    After data entry: generate and display list of entries with a specific matching value

    I'm currently working on a database of funding proposals, and I'm looking for a good way to do the following: When a new proposal is entered on the main form, Access should check whether the same person has submitted any earlier proposals. (I'd imagine this when the field for the applicant's...
  6. jim may

    Office 365

    Over the years I've been seeing the subject product increasing more and more in the MS office field. As I look through the features being offered off the Banner Ad here in Mr Excel - I do not see any reference or wording with regard to Visual Basic for Applications. Can someone clue me in on...
  7. L

    Excel 2016 opening Multiple instances

    Hi, I'm hoping for some help. I am using excel 2016 and windows 10. I have a number of excel files on dropbox which consolidate into a file. The issue that I am having is that when I open the files some are being opened in a separate instance and I have no idea why. The ignore other...
  8. S

    Pivot Table - values showing as SUM in ROW but not in VALUES field

    I have created a Pivot table created from a table of data for which I require the follow: Number of Job Applications per vacancy. I would like the pivot to show Job Title in the ROW and bring back the number of applications as a SUM in the VALUE field. When I do this, the SUM comes back as...
  9. A

    Chart reading from some metrics in pivot table only

    Hi there In my pivot table I am now showing actual spend, forecast spend, actual applications and forecast applications by week. How can I only show just spend and forecast spend by week on a chart (without removing them from the pivot)? Many thanks! Excel 2013
  10. The Mayo

    Using Excel with other programs

    So I am just starting to get into the heavier things in excel, and i am wondering if it is possible to pull information from other programs into excel and vice versa :confused: Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. J

    Excel applications that run in both XP/2003 and Vista

    I have several Excel applications that run fine in XP/2003. I know at some point I will need to re-write them to run in Excel Vista. Have others had success re-writing applications for Vista, yet maintaining compatibility in XP/2003? Thanks. Jeff

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