1. N

    Match multiple criteria with date range

    Hi Guys. I so badly need your help. I want to know the STATUS of Table 1. CRITERIA OF SUBMITTED STATUS: -DATE (Table 2) > or equal to Actual Date (Table 1) -Name, Supervisor and Infraction should match. If no match, then it should be "PENDING". I need a formula that would show if it has...
  2. N

    Match multiple criteria with a date that falls on a date range

    Hi Guys. I so badly need your help. Here's what I wanted to do. I wanted to know if the following names from Table 1 have already submitted the documents considering that they submitted it after the Actual Date with the same infraction. Table 2 shows the documents submitted. I need a formula...
  3. J

    Dynamic Production Data Calculation

    Hi, In Column A2 to A31 I have date for April 2018 In Column B2 to B31 I am entering Daily Production Data Monthly production target is 720,000 (i.e. 24,000 per day in case of April 2018). If the production on 1st April is say 10,000 (Instead of 24,000) then the required production on daily...
  4. J

    Countif problems not calculating correctly

    Good afternoon all I am having issues with a Count If formula =COUNTIF('From April 2017'!F2:F801,"On call manager") This one works fine =COUNTIF('From April 2017'!F1:F802,"OOA") This one and =COUNTIF('From April 2017'!F3:F803,"=YFS")gives a 0 count when they should be 10 and 1 There are no...
  5. V

    Sum different multiple columns based on Month Selected

    Good Morning, I have a spreadsheet with the months of the year starting from column C with forecast values in the hundreds of rows below. I am looking for a formula that, if I select the current month in a drop down box, it will sum the next 3, 6 and 9 months totals automatically without...
  6. J

    Rolling Month w/ a Twist

    So I've tutorials online on how to do a rolling month, but I have a unique circumstance in that I need a month to duplicate. For instance Cell B1 = JANUARY I need the output to be JANUARY JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE..... If I change Cell B1 to April, my output needs to be...
  7. E

    Modifying code so that Month feature updates automatically

    Is there a way to modify this so that in March, it will transition automatically to April, April -> May and so forth? Sub NewMonth()' ' NewMonth Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S ' Sheets(2).Select Sheets(2).Copy Before:=Sheets(3) Sheets(3).Select Sheets(3).Name = "March...
  8. D

    Get column header based on value in a table

    I want to search (with a formula) for a value and get the header of the column it exists (preferably without a "helper" column) <colgroup><col span="9"></colgroup><tbody> I have this table... A B C D E F G H I 1 January February March April May June July 2 1 X X X X A X X 3 2...
  9. S

    Difference between last column in a table and another column

    Hi guys, Could you please help with any ideas with the below problem that I have? I would like to calculate in the column where it says "Variance" the difference between last column where it finds values and the column before it (April -March). I have added in cell G1 a dropdown list (bold)...
  10. D

    UK Tax Period April 2017 to March 2017 Sort Group Pivot table

    Hi Guys Is their way to manipulate the data i have to show the current tax year April 2017 to March 2017 in my pivot table which has the last 5 years worth of data. I have tried filters but does not work Dale
  11. M

    VBA Loop to combining cells in a column into a single cell

    I am trying to add onto a current VBA script to do the following: The name itself and the number of names will be different each time the script is ran. Before <tbody> Name Animal Mike Elephant Mike Dragon Mike Dog Mike Cat Mike Mourse Mike Bird Mike Hawk April Lion April...
  12. R

    Extract Multiple Rows (Automated) based on 3 Criteria

    Hi, I have data and want to pull the rows to next sheet if certain criteria is met. Criteria: 1: Name should match is 13th Column 2: Profit should be less than 5000 3: GMV should be less than 8000 Example: I want to pull all the rows where Name (Col 13) is I****a, Profit (Col 11) is less...
  13. A

    Month Search in two dates

    Please help to find out particular month in two dates.. examples there is two dates in A2 and B2 column - 01/01/2017 in A2 column and 05/31/2017 in B2 column and i want to check if Particular month is falling in date or not... if i want to find out April 2017 month in both dates so what is a...
  14. B

    utilizing formula to assign a vale based on a date

    My co-worker has a spreadsheet he uses to track employees returning from leaves of absence. We want to try and make it slightly more automated and so are wondering if we can have a Period Number appear in one cell based on the date that is in another cell. He gave me a list of what dates are...
  15. C

    Formula Help: Budget Report, carry over depending on a negative or positive balance

    Hi there, I am working on a budget report for 2017. I am looking for help on a formula. The managers can only use the budget for the last three months. Like if I am looking at April, they can only use the budget from February to April. So if they had a positive balance in January, they lose the...
  16. M

    Split one tab into many based on date criteria

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and to VBA. I have a sheet with one tab that has several columns. One of these columns is a date. I'd like to split the rows into multiple tabs based on the date criteria in the tab. So, the first new tab should be all the rows >= April 15, 2017. The second...
  17. G

    How to Insert Columns Based on two Months

    I am trying to create a VBA function that take two inputs (months) and insert columns that fill in the range of months. IE. If I input April in one cell, and September in another, I would like the macro to insert: April May June July August September I've been trying out a method where I...
  18. S

    Sorting Months Fiscally

    I am having trouble getting the months in a PowerPivot table to arrange chronologically by fiscal year, not calendar year. I...I mean...The Powers That Be (TPTB) want data by fiscal year, which starts on April 1st. No, that isn't a joke and TPTB didn't appreciate my humorous (to me) comments...
  19. B

    Calculated Item Causing issues in Pivot Table

    I have a set of data that is 4 items divided into 2 categories and then monthly sales over 2 years. An example of the data is: <tbody> Category Item Description Month Year Units Sold Revenue Balls Basketball April 2016 20 160 Balls Baseball April 2016 40...
  20. J

    Countif only one per row

    Hi All I have been trying to achieve the following for days now and can't seem to figure out a way. I have a spreadsheet with dates when a supervision is done for a particular staff. I am trying to have a weekly report so that I know on that particular week what my supervision Percentage was...

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