area graphs

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    Calculating Area Under a Curve

    Hi guys, I am trying to calculate the area under the curve on my Power-Time graph so that I can determine the energy. Would anyone have an idea of how I can calculate the area under the curve? The solution would also have to ignore cells with #N/A. Would I also be able to choose a specific...
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    Problems with Area Graph

    Hello there, I am trying to plot two different data sets on an area graph. Both data sets have an x axis that include months. However, while one set of data would graph correctly (i.e correct y point for particular x point), the other data set seems to be shifting on the graph (i.e. wrong y data...
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    The ultimate graph problem!

    I am trying, and failing, to get a graph to show what I want. I need a 3D area graph for several train services to show their load factors by station, with station along the bottom and passengers on the z axis. I have got this far. However I also need to show capacity and when trains go over...

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