1. L

    sumif() without first argument

    Hi I want to find the sum of cells which have values >20 . I tried sumif(range, criteria, sum_range). I thought since I know the conditon then no need for the first argument in sumif(). So i tried =sumif(">20", a1:a5) but did not work. Thank you so much. <tbody> 10 22 100 55 3 </tbody>
  2. L

    Problem with macro excel migrated from one pc to another, error "Invalid procedure call or argument" runtime 5

    My problem is that I import a macro from one PC to another, in my previous PC it worked perfectly and now that I run it on my new PC it does not work, I get an error "Invalid procedure call or argument" runtime 5. Someone who can help me, I do not understand if it is the same code and the...
  3. gymwrecker

    Conditional Formatting & Percentages Argument

    Hi! While working with Conditional Formatting, I'm using the following argument: [Color10][>0.9]"% ▲";[Red][<0.9]"% ▼";[White]General Since I'm working with Percentages, I want the Percentage to show; I'm only getting % ▲....not sure what I'm missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. L

    SumIF across sheets vba

    I have this code, I dont know how to debug it. It always show Invalid procedure call or argument. Sub Sumif() Wk = ThisWorkbook.Name Call Lastrowssub2 Workbooks(Wk).Worksheets("U-Main").Range("G11") = Application.WorksheetFunction.Sumif(Sheets("U-Detail").Range("J11:J" & LastRows)...
  5. H

    MsgBox buttons argument settings - reverse engineering.

    Hi I would like to be able to use the standard MsgBox button argument settings to pass a value to a custom message box form that I have developed. For example : vbYesNo : 4 vbRetryCancel : 5 vbCritical : 16 and to be able to combine them as required. For example : vbYesNo + vbCritical...
  6. L


    Hi I am trying to experiment text() function. I know if I entered =text(1/1/2018,"mmm") then I will get Jan. So the first argument of Text() is "Value" which is a numeric value. So I tried =text(1,"one") but I got error message. So what is the first argument of Text() function? it must be a...
  7. O

    VBA range reference

    Hello, I'm running a knapsack type of problem with my data located in multiple columns (i.e., A2:A10, B2:B:10, etc.) and can't figure out the correct argument to use that references the value in a cell for the algorithm to analyze and select or leave out. As currently configured, I can get the...
  8. L

    vlookup True, False

    Hi I want to know based on what logic vlookup() function will return a value if the last argument was TRUE not False. I tried to use True but could not figure the logic of vlookup() returned value.
  9. L

    countifs() what the 5th argument is used for

    Hi Why countifs() has 5 arguments? what is the 5th one is used for? It works perfect without the 5th one? I just want to find an example when I have to use the 5th one. Thank you so much.
  10. R

    Nested IF Statement using LEN

    Hello, I found this formula online which returns a blank cell if the VLOOKUP doesn't find anything in the 3rd column instead of ZERO. <code> =IF(LEN(VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet1!$1:$1048576,3,FALSE))=0,"",VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet1!$1:$1048576,3,FALSE)) </code> The formula works great but need to add an additional...
  11. N

    Using Indirect with a ">=" as an argument

    Hi In A1 I have 10 In B1 I have 20 In cell C1 the user enters either ">=" or "<=" Using a formula it would be =A1>=B1 But I need to replace the hard coded >= with whatever the user enters in C1 Can anyone help? Thanks,Nigel.
  12. J

    Help ~ SaveAs Active Workbook Path & Textbox1.Text

    How can I make this work? When debugging, its showings all the correct information, but gives me an this error; "Invalid procedure call or argument" With UserForm1sFileName = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & Left(UserForm1.TextBox1.Text, InStr(1, UserForm1.TextBox1.Text, ".") - 1) & ".csv" End...
  13. A

    compile error: argument not optional

    Hi guys, i may need some help here. I'm new to VBA excel and want to save the data directly into MYSQL database. But i have encounter some compile error with argument not optional. Here's my below codes: Sub dbConnect() <--- error from here Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection Dim iRow As...
  14. R

    IF AND FUNCTION returning values if they fall in a range. Need to add additional arguement

    Help. I previously used IF And Function to return a resource value depending on the date and where it fell in the time period of a project (based on dates). I would like to add a further argument so that the result is also dependent on the job role (as this varies for job role and time...
  15. Jaafar Tribak

    IsMissing without using Variant data type

    Hi all, A recent question posted today has intrigued me . My question is : Is it possible to check if an optional argument has been passed to a function or not where the argument is not of variant data type ...
  16. S

    Custom function | Arguments description

    Hi guys, as I'm trying to create a custom vlookup function for our office, I am wondering if there is a way to help users with description of arguments, like there are in dialog box for other functions? The first argument would be lookup value and the other argument column index number. I...
  17. kpasa

    Pass boolean to userform

    I am trying to pass a boolean from a sub into a userform. I want to activate a userform with a boolean named PrintVal set to true by this particular macro. On userform_activate, If printval is true then i want to run a special bit of code. Else just launch the form like normal. How can I...
  18. J

    Combine multiple simple modules into 1

    Hello, I have created 3 Macros that I have combined into a macro button - but I wanted to see if there is a way to "combine them" into one sub and make things more efficient, keeping the same order. Unfortunately, I am somewhat of a novice so I am not sure how to go about this. Any assistance...
  19. J

    Access "Invalid Argument"

    My access DB grew and now I can't open it. I get the error "Invalid Argument". Any ideas on how I can open it so I can shrink it? I tried compacting it... same error I tried creating a new DB to export certain tables... same error Help please :) JV Soli deo Gloria
  20. 1

    Adding more than two arguments to an IF formula

    I teach classes and I would like to choose the name of a class from a drop down list then have the cell next to it automatically show up with how long the duration of the class was (corresponding to the class chosen). The drop down list is from a pre-written list on a different sheet. If the IF...

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