1. F

    User-Defined Function Description

    I found John Walkenbach's tip on how to add argument descriptions to a user-defined function, but it does not seem to work for me. Spreadsheet Page Excel Tips: User-Defined Function Argument Descriptions In Excel 2010 After the 'description assignment macro' is run, the details become available...
  2. paliman

    VBA - Using the value of a string variable as the second argument

    Hello everyone. I have a file with several sheets, each one named after an alphanumeric account code (18D08H, 20J03, and so on) and another one named Sld2000 populated with my data. I want to put some values in each sheet, and at a certain point I need to use the value assigned to a variable...
  3. S

    Pass Input box entry as Array

    I want to allow the user to enter the name of the worksheet that they want to print with the use of an INPUT BOX. The code below works for a single worksheet; however, I want to expand the number of worksheets the user can print, and I think I want to use an array to capture the various entries...
  4. M

    Argument in a Sub Procedure

    Hello there, I searched through the questions and didn't find any question regarding arguments in sub procedures. I am trying to write a code that will require a number for a variable (i), but if no number is typed in, it will use its default value. Sub Ende(Optional Teste As Long =...
  5. I

    Function arguments

    Dear All I'm using few functions to check if the file exist into particular directory or not... IF the file exist its ok otherwise ...the program should run in the loop and check again after 10 min "Wait 600" I've used followoing functions The "Wait" function count seconds ..... The folllowing...
  6. J


    I have some questions for my midterm that is tomorrow Please Help!! Thank you! 1) Where are optional arguments always placed? 2) What are function arguments always separated by? 3)What is an example of a comparison operator? 4) what is a data marker? 5) How do you move an embedded chart to a...
  7. B

    IF function returning "TRUE"/"FALSE" literals rather than arguments entered

    I am having trouble with an Excel IF function. If I have a valid child project ID in column K (> 8 characters), then I want to use it to populate my cell. Otherwise, I want to populate my cell with the parent project ID in column J. Here is my IF statement. =IF(LEN(K2)<8,J2,K2) The result I...

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