array compare

  1. B

    Comparing words in a cell to a fixed list of words

    Greetings, I have a spreadsheet with names and addresses. In the name column, I need to compare all the words to a fixed list of terms, such as "borrower", "homeowner", "LLC", etc. I will be highlighting the row to look at individually. So far, I can get the code to work, but with only one...
  2. R

    Comparing columns of data between worksheets and returning value when matched.

    If I had three columns in one worksheet and three columns in another worksheet to compare. How can I check the 2nd worksheet to find matching records to the 1st worksheet, then pull out the fourth column value of the 2nd worksheet when there's a match? Ideally with codeor array rather than...
  3. S

    Unique Values To Make Perfect Attendace Sheet

    Hello, I am making an attendance sheet at work. I am trying to create a formula or pivot table to distinct the unique values from two separate columns from two separate tabs. On one tab is a running list of employee's with attendance points, and the other is the roster of employees in the...
  4. J

    how to compare value from list with VBA?

    I am trying to make code that compare value from the list. in column AB there will be list of the values. So if user put values from AB column between F20 and last row of F, 000 value should be in the I column If that values in the AB list and not I column is matching 000 I want to give warning...
  5. M

    VBA code (macro) to replace array formula

    I use this array formula in an excel sheet. The formula works fine in a small data base. The database is currently 600 rows long and growing and now it takes time to calculate. I think that a macro instead of the array formula could help to speed up the calculation. Can somebody help me finding...
  6. B

    UDF VBA - Multiple Replacements of Substrings in a String to ""

    New to the forum. I'm stuck on this replacement loop. Function CCL2(ByRef txt As String, ByRef x As String) ' txt as starting text ' x as cell containing array that can be split by " " (space character) ' y as a String Array Dim y() As String ' split x into array by " " y =...
  7. A

    Compare few columns from one array with the other, if match change values

    Hi :) I have a challenge which is quite a step up from what I was doing in VBA so far. I need to: pull two sheets from Excel into arrays compare some columns from Arr1 with Arr2 if found, transpose 12 values from row in Arr1 into column of Arr2 This is what I got so far but I am getting a...
  8. E

    Conditional array search

    Hi, I have been able to use an array function to search for a conditional max value: {=MAX(IF(MyRange=TestValue,LookupRange))} Given the data below (apologies for the formatting) how do I return the corresponding value in the 3rd column (AvgPx), given that I used the formula above to return...
  9. E

    Seemingly Complicated Excel Question

    Good afternoon everyone, I am not new to Excel, but am still learning the depth of its power. I am trying to use a series of formulas and/or macros and/or VBA (?) to essentially create an update-able spreadsheet. Basically, there is a spreadsheet at my work that is MANUALLY updated each month...
  10. Z

    VBA conditional selection of rows in table with multiple ranges/arrays

    Hi, I have an Excel table with different dates, times, etc. This table can be divided into 3 ranges or arrays, where I compare between the 3 on a time dimension. 'A' --- 'B' --- 'C' date - time - range 1 date - time - range 1 date - time - range 2 date - time - range 3 date - time - range...
  11. R

    Select N random values from Column A where Column B < 100

    <tbody> A B C D A1 90 2 A4 A2 150 A6 A3 120 A4 80 A5 60 A6 77 A7 110 A8 100 A9 45 </tbody> Based on whatever number (N) I enter in cell C2. I will need the next column (Column D) to populate random values satisfying the...
  12. A

    Array Formula Challenge

    Data is organised like this: __A__B 1 15 inc 2 23 inc 3 53 inc 4 34 inc 5 67 exc 6 27 inc 7 26 inc 8 22 exc 9 93 inc Is there a possibility to write an array formula, which would return the array...
  13. T

    Compare Submitted Data to Confirmed Data, Show difference if one found

    This is to try to find a quick way of balancing Stock trade books. The placed trades need to be compared against the executed trades across various source systems. I need to find a way to compare multiple data elements in multidimensional array 1(placed trades) against multidimensional array...

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