1. J

    SUMPRODUCT(VLOOKUP(B10:B13,...)) does not work

    The following results in a #VALUE error, even when array-entered, which should not be necessary: =SUMPRODUCT(C10:C13,VLOOKUP(B10:B13,A4:B6,2,0)) The intended interpretation is: C10*VLOOKUP(B10,A4:B6,2,0) + C11*VLOOKUP(B11,A4:B6,2,0) + .... The following work-around does not produce the...
  2. JackDanIce

    Understanding Array-Entered Formulas

    Hi, First time I've used array-entered formulas and struggling to work out what's wrong with this formula: {=SUM(IF(LEFT(A1:A6,2)="sd",VALUE(RIGHT(A1:A6,LEN(A1:A6)-2)),IF(ISNUMBER(VALUE(A1:A6)),A1:A6,"")))} To explain, I have a list of values in fixed range A1:A6. These values are either...

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