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    #NUM! error in Array Formula - trying to use IFERROR to fix but not working

    Hi all can anyone help: Heres my original formula for an array lookup and its working fine but I get #NUM! errors when it cant find any more matches so I found a IFERROR formula modified it to fit mine but it doesnt work: where have I gone wrong - I am entering it as an array CTRL SHIFT ENTER...
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    Array formula lookup

    Hello, I got stuck on what seems like a pretty easy calculation. Any ideas why the formula below does not work? =LOOKUP(1,{0,0,0;0,1,0;1,0,0},{“R1C1”,” R1C2”, ” R1C3”; “R2C1”,” R2C2”, ” R2C3”; “R3C1”,” R3C2”, ” R3C3”}) Needed result: R2C2 Is there a different way to do this? In a very...
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    Return minimum in a table equaling 2 criteria

    I need to return the minimum quantity for a part number where the last purchase date is no greater than 2 years from today. The list of parts that will need to be looked up agains the below list will be on another tab. For example, if I needed to know the Min qty to take place in the last 2...
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    Commission based formula

    Hi, I need a formula which will analyze a reps total gross commissions and determine what percentage they are eligible for commission payouts: For example, a rep gets paid a percentage of their incoming commission based on YTD performance: 0 - 51999 is 50%, 52000 - 72999 is 52%, 73000 - 99999...
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    Any Array Formula gurus out there ?

    I am hoping someone knows array formulas better than I, to give me this solution. The formula I am trying to do has a Vlookup within an array. Here it is: {=AVERAGE(IF(C5:C13="A Finger",VLOOKUP(D5:D13,Rates,2,FALSE),FALSE))} In English: I want to find the average rate for the A Finger...

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