1. M

    Too many arrows on one line of pivot chart

    Hi Guys, I hope you're all keeping well! I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and has a solution I can use. For some reason, one line in my pivot chart keeps reverting to multiple arrows whenever I refresh. I end up having to use "Refresh Match Style" to return it to it's default...
  2. H

    Increase / decrease arrows based on what user types in

    Hi. I have a RAID log and we wish to allow risk owners to indicate when a risk has increased or decreased in severity (in their opinion). So they would review each risk and for any that they felt had got better or worse, they'd be able to say "this one's getting worse", "this one's gotten...
  3. S

    How to create arrow that grows with size of value

    I have a graph that I need to recreate from a vendor. Only I don't know how they created the arrow that grows with the size of the value. Take a look at the linked image, any ideas?
  4. S

    Moving Shapes (Arrow) with VBA, Macro, or Formula

    Hello, I need help moving an arrow shape in my worksheet. My Workbook has 2 Sheets: One is a Grid to display the users Current and Projected Retirement Percentage. The other is a Setup-sheet where the user enters their (Birth Date, Hire Date, Current Hourly Wage, Planned Retirement Date). When...
  5. C

    Macro Short Shortcut?

    All, I have a VERY large document that I have to calculate margins in. With so many lines I created a Macro to assist (ctrl+w) by doing a goal seek function. I need one specific margin to make the product viable. This works much better but it's annoying that you can't just drag down...
  6. P

    Need a red up arrow for Increased

    Looks like Excel's conditional formatting only has a green arrow up, but I need something to indicate increase cost, by using Red Arrow. I've tried the Char and UNICode and some give me those arrows, but there is no way to color code them? Any thoughts would be appreciated! I am just using a...
  7. D

    Stuck in the middle

    I am using a data validation list pull down menu to select an item.When I go to the drop down arrow it starts in the middle so u cant see the list any help to move it to the top so the list shows?
  8. M

    Change Cell Color

    Greetings, I am creating a spreadsheet, tracking my stock performance. I would like to have the cell color change automatically to red or green depending on whether the stock price went up or down. I am putting in an up or down arrow within the same cell as the stock price, using the Alt 24...
  9. S

    Pivot Table changes

    I used to be able to hover over a VALUE, ROW or COLUMN and cursor would change to a small arrow. Once arrow popped up I could "right click" and all the elements that were the same would highlight as well. This allowed me to make formatting changes quick and easily. Was this functionality...
  10. N

    Up and Down arrow (and =) indicator when the value is more or less than the previous cell

    Hi I have a row of test scores and I would like to show in the same cell next to the score an arrow that points up if the score is higher than the previous cell and an arrow pointing down if it's less. If the score is the same either an = or nothing. Can this be achieved with conditional...
  11. L

    END or CTRL?

    Hi in the article below, MS said End+Up arrow, End+down arrow. Is that right? or it should be Ctrl + down/up arrow? I do not see they are the same? for example if I have <tbody> 1 22 33 44 </tbody> and if I am in cell A1 then CTRL+down arrow, will go to A4 then another CTRL+down...
  12. M

    Dynamic Shapes

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to change my shapes based on a value. Either by a formula or code. I have a ton of numbers that I want to show with arrows for positive/negative/flat. (Green Arrow up/Red Arrow down/Sideways Arrow) Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  13. S

    Custom Number Format, with Special Character, Macro

    Hello, Thank you for your assistance! I have a macro that applies a custom number format to selected cells. The number format works great within the workbook as: 0.00%" →";0.00%" ←" I'd like to apply this using a macro. The VBA window won't display the "→" arrow symbols. They are displayed as...
  14. H

    Using an image based on query result

    Hi All Is it possible to subtract 2 cells to se if the figure increases, drops or remains the same (this part I can do) however I would like the result to show an image, either an arrow up or down or - mark. How can this be achieved. Thanks
  15. M

    Extract values "before after up down arrow" or "not arrow"

    Hello,</SPAN> I need to get result show only values in any condition weather they are "before after up down arrow" or "if there is no arrows"</SPAN></SPAN> Example....</SPAN></SPAN> <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 60pt" span=6 width=80><TBODY> 31↑ 23↓ 31 23 1↓ 6↑ 1...
  16. I

    Select first entry in drop down ;list NOT the last +1

    Hi, When i click on the drop down arrow to then show me all the customers in my drop down list the row after the last name is selected each time. Is it possible so when i click the drop down arrow i see it either at the top or the first entry.
  17. G

    Connector arrows that stick to cells: How to?

    I would like to find a way to draw arrows between cells in such a way that the arrow stays connected to those cells even when one of the cells is moved. I am using Excel 2010. If I simply draw an arrow (Insert > Shapes >Arrow) between two cells, then it remains stuck to that cell if I resize...
  18. countryfan_nt

    Make the the cells colored black, but the arrows colored Green or Red.

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! I have a format cell below. The cell displays values and an arrow. Is it possible to have the values black and the arrow colored? [Color50] #,##0▲;[Color3] #,##0▼ Thanks a lot in advance!
  19. P

    Icon Sets against adjacent cells

    I would like to use icon sets to display and arrow next to a value if that value is up or down against an adjacent cell. I.e Up if higher, red if lower (amber if level) Also, if possible, I would like to put a variation in where if the value is within 10% of the value of the adjascent cell it...
  20. M

    Ignore Left arrow key press

    Hi I'm new to using this forum and only dabble in VBA so my apologies if I make mistakes in my attempt to get the information I require. I want the Left Arrow key press to be ignored if the active cell is in column one. Without it being ignored the active cell now moves up one row and to the...

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