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    Average groups of numbers within a larger group

    I have a large group of numbers in a column. I would like to average those numbers in groups of 7. So average the first 7, average the 2nd 7, and so on down the whole list. Is there a way to do this without manually selecting each group to find their average? I have Kutools and ASAP utilities...
  2. L

    ASAP utilities

    Hi All, Have tried to install newest version of asap utilities. Does not display on tool bar. When I go Tools>>Addins>>Browse and select the asap utility it says it is not a true addin?:confused: Any suggestions? Forgot to mention I use Excel 2003 but I have Excel 2013 on computer. The ASAP...
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    searchable database

    need to create a searchable database for website which has lot of photos please help me ASAP thanks
  4. I

    CONCATENATE till Blank Cell - Kinda need help ASAP :(

    Dear Excel Genius, First, I would like to apologize for this urgent question. I will have a meeting in few hours and I would need this part of VBA for my Report. This question probably has been asked... and asked... but... im kinda stuck somehow... Dim i As Long i = Range("F" &...
  5. P

    How to keep the excel window 'Always on Top'?

    Hi, We decided to automate the ASAP Utilities' Functions through our code. I believe we don't have a decent choice but SendKeys. So as SendKeys has a global nature in sending the keying events across applications, It is better if we have a total control on the active window. Is there a way to...
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    Troubleshooting Complex Nested If and If Functions

    I'm having an issue with my nested if function. What I would ideally like to do is to compare 2 cells against a confidence interval percentage. So, if cell A is 5% higher than cell B I want my function to create a label the next cell as "Higher" and if its 10% higher than to be labeled as "Much...
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    Need someone to make Excel SpreadSheet for me

    I am an Instructor and do classes that have there own profit and loss per day. Also for different companies. I want a spreadsheet created for me where I can enter company name and info and expenses (both total and per student), along with profits per student and total, plus a profit calculator...
  8. P

    should be simple...but

    i am on a tight deadline and after weeks of crunching data i would hate for this task to fall apart over simple formulas. i need to know if i can select 1 column and subtract the value in another column from it, and have the total displayed in a seperate column. the only trick to this is that...
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    I have a very specific question about excel, please help!

    I am trying to combine the VLOOKUP and the IF functions in a different kind of way...I made this formula, and in theory it should reality it doesn't. this is my formula...I want it so that if in the cell G2 there is a certain name of a company then the result will be just...

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